Find Your Kleenex Style #kleenexstyle

.Many thanks to Kleenex for sponsoring today’s story, and keeping my life stylish!  Opinions are always my own.


What is your personal aesthetic?  Some people like sleek and modern, with lots of white and polished metal.  Others like country chic with dusty shades of green or lavender. And still others go for the cabin chic look with tree branches, animals, and hunter green.

Me?  I go for bold. I love color.  I love texture.  I love pattern.  I bet you’d never guess that from looking at my site, though, would ya?  Anyway, that’s one of the reasons I was so excited to see that Kleenex had partnered with one of my favorite designers for their new line of designer prints.

Who is this esteemed designer?  None other than Isaac Mizrahi himself! The king of bold prints and bright colors, Isaac Mizrahi has always been an expert at keeping these elements tasteful and somewhat understated.

These aren’t just for your home, though.  Nope.  There are all kinds of great styles, including these fab pocket packs.  No more boring packages of Kleenex that have, like, zero personality.  These ain’t your gramma’s Kleenex packs.  I think these will be great for allergy season.

There are a ton of great new designs out!  Check them out and tell me – what’s your Kleenex Style?


  1. says

    I cannot tell you how many times those little packets have saved my life! With 4 in the house with allergies I need to have little packs stashed everywhere for those little noses that sneeze!

  2. Pam says

    It’s so cool that Kleenex has cute designs for their packages. They even have some that will match my purse!

  3. says

    Those little Kleenex packs are my favorite. I didn’t know Isaac Mizrahi designed them, that’s cool. No wonder I love the trendy colors and patterns.

  4. says

    Who knew Kleenex could be so stylish? I looove keeping those travel packs everywhere. Car, handbag… oh yeah!

    I literally got lost looking for my favorite pattern.. hard choice! I think I like GARDEN PARTY the best… very pretty!

  5. says

    My style is definitely eclectic-I love modern looks but I also enjoy unique and vibrant patterns. I love the fact that people are adding a little style and flair to Kleenex packages! Boosts your mood a little bit when you go to blow your nose :)

  6. Julie Wood says

    Isaac Mizrahi is everywhere! He is a big designer of Women’s clothes and shoes, and I like the inspired bold kleenex patterns. I need to get some of these and put them in my purse. How sleek looking.

  7. ellen beck says

    Loving the new styles. I actually tend to go for muted colors. I like peace and quiet for the most part.

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