See the Secret Side of Switzerland

This is a Fashionista Events opportunity.

When you think of Switzerland, what immediately comes to mind?  Snow?  Skiing? Hot Chocolate?  What about cheese and dairy and fondue?  A neutral country during times of war and bank accounts?  That last part may just be the historian in me coming out…

Switzerland has so much more than that to offer.  During the summer, there’s water recreation.  I mean, liquid water – like lakes, not just the frozen stuff.  Or take a hike.  A hike to see the gorgeous countryside, not just, like, go away.

Check out the above video from the Swiss Tourism board, and be sure to view all of their other videos.  They are hilarious!  There may also be a contest to win a trip to Switzerland involved.  Jus’ sayin…


  1. Jennifer Hiles says

    It would be amazing to visit Switzerland. I’ve always wanted to travel. Kids and a full time job make that unlikely now but maybe in the future!

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