Weathering the Storm With Caza Trail & Grove Square

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Sturm Foods, Inc. I received a promotional item and product samples as a thank you for participating

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Here in my little area of the Midwest, we’ve been digging out from under nearly 18 inches of snow.  While that’s a lot of snow for any area, it’s more than we normally get in a year! As if that wasn’t enough, the temperatures outside didn’t even get above freezing for almost a week! Here we are two weeks later, and the snow has just now melted from the parking area by my house.

One of the saving graces during this ridiculously cold snap was a warm beverage.  On a normal day, a cup of coffee is necessary to get going.  But when it’s 12 degrees outside?  Yeah, I’m gonna need copious amounts of hot coffee and hot cocoa.

During this snowed-in time, I was unable to get out to the local coffee shop.  It was during this that I realized that the Keurig may have been heaven-sent!  Luckily we had the Grove Square French Vanilla Cappuccino K Cups to get me through.  The Mister is not nearly as big of a fan of frou frou coffee as I am, and he likes his coffee plain.  Well, he likes a rich, gourmet roast, but unadultered.  For him, we had the Caza Trail Dark Roast coffee.

grove-square-hot-chocolate-k-cups (625 x 469)

And at night?  I still want a warm beverage, but not necessarily the caffeine.  A girl’s got to get her beauty sleep, after all.  Thankfully, I had Grove Square’s Hot Cocoa Holiday Variety Pack.  Featuring Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and the ever-coveted Peppermint Hot Chocolate flavors, there are enough choices so you won’t get bored.  There’s a perfect choice for everyone!

Now that the snow has finally melted, we can get out again.  Of course, the snow melted away just in time to get another winter blast.  I better make sure we have enough K Cups to get through this storm!  Thank goodness for Amazon, right?



  1. Julie Wood says

    Peppermint Hot Cocoa is so delicious! I love to drink peppermint in my hot drinks. I like the assortment of flavors that they have. I like a mild roast with the flavor of Hazelnut. I will have to take a look!

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