4 Great Cookbooks to Add to Your Shelf

We received review copies of these 4 Great Cookbooks to Add to Your Shelf .  Regardless, all opinions are our own.


Do you have a foodie on your gift list this year?  While they can be easy to shop for, they can be notoriously difficult as well.  Here are a few books that would make a great addition to any home chef’s collection of cookbooks.


peruvian-power-foods-book (575 x 796)

Peruvian Power Foods

There’s been so much made of super foods in the past few years.  Super foods are those foods that are packed with nutrients and immune-boosting and anti-aging benefits.  Peruvian Power Foods features 18 super foods and over 100 recipes that use them.  The book is broken down by ingredient, and covers everything from smoothies and light eats to hearty meals and even desserts and candy.

You’ll also learn about the history of the ingredient and its culinary uses, as well as a thorough list of the benefits.  The book has gorgeous photos of each dish, too.

  • Peruvian Power Foods
  • Manuel Villacorta
  • Published by HCI, $18.95

vegan-pizza-book (416 x 500)

Vegan Pizza

There’s a reason that pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world.  It’s an easy food to make that feels indulgent.  Plus, you can customize it any way you please.  However, when you don’t eat meat, it gets kind of boring to go order pizza.  Vegan Pizza has over 50 recipes to make your own pizza at home.  There are 6 types of dough for crusts, 6 different faux meat recipes, and 6 different sauce variations for everything from a traditional pizza sauce to a white sauce and even pesto variations.  Those base items are followed by a ton of recipes on how to combine these items.  Asparagus Tomato & Pesto Pizza?  Yes Please!!

  • Vegan Pizza
  • Julie Hasson
  • Published by Andrews McMeel, $14.99

latin-dlite-cookbook (466 x 466)

Latin D’Lite

I am a huge fan of ethnic foods.  I’m sure that a big part of that is the moving around we did when I was a kid.   Latin D’Lite is jam-packed full of delicious looking, and delicious tasting authentic recipes.  The only caveat is that it is all written en espanol.  I understand enough Spanish that I can make out the recipes, feel like I’m missing a lot of the essence of the book.  If you have a Spanish speaker in your life, this would be an absolutely fabulous book for them.

  • Latin D’Lite
  • Ingrid Hoffmann
  • Published by Penguin, $19.99


salt-block-cooking-book (575 x 395)

Salt Block Cooking

I am a huge fan of salts.  Different salts impart different favors, and cooking with them is no different.  One of the newer ways that we’re cooking in our homes is with Himalayan salt blocks.  This book shows different types of salt blocks, salt bowls, and salt rocks and what we can make with them.  There are fruit carpaccios, quick cured pickled vegetables, and sashimi.  There’s even a recipe for ice cream and a section on desserts.  Salty sweet is one of the classic flavor combinations, after all.  Pair this book with a salt block or two for an amazing gift for the foodie in your life.

  • Salt Block Cooking
  • Mark Bitterman
  • Published by Andrews McMeel, $24.99


  1. ANN*H says

    These cookbooks are ones that I have not heard of before. I collect cookbooks for years now and sometimes would buy a book if it was different or unusual. I would have to look thru at some of these recipes to see if I would like it or not .thanks so much for the information on all of these cookbooks

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