Strap Yourself In to a Maggie Bags

A Maggie Bags Cicely Tote was provided for editorial purposes.  All opinions are our own.


Everywhere you look, someone is talking about being “eco” or “green.”  But whatare they really doing?  Are they using earth friendly materials?  Or are they recycling?  Or are they using upcycled materials?

What’s upcycling, you ask?  It’s sort of like recycling, but instead of throwing the stuff away to be made into new items, they “trash” is made into something new, something better.  That’s what Maggie Bags does.  They take the waste seatbelting from the auto industry, and make it into purses, cosmetic bags, accessories, and other totes.  What’s even better than that, is that the Maggie Bags are really cute items.  They have modern, unique styles in fun colors.


The Cicily Tote is the perfect size for an everyday bag or purse.  With dimensions of 8 x 16 x 5, it’s big enough to carry your daily essentials, like a wallet, phone, and cosmetic bag, but not so large that it feels like you’re carrying half the stuff you own with you.  Cicily is also a handbag, with about an 8 inch handle drop.  Personally, I prefer a handbag, so this is perfect for me.   This allows you to carry the bag in your hands, or to slice it up your arm to your elbow, with ease and comfort.

Cicily_inside_maggie bags

The dimensions don’t matter at all though, if your bag is just a big black hole. Maggie Bags knows this.  That’s why they use a colored lining that lets  you see what’s in your bag.  Brilliant, right? In addition to that, there’s pockets inside that help you organize your bag.  There’s a cell phone pocket and an additional open pocket on one side.  This is great for your keys, a lip balm, or even a small bottle of hand sanitizer. On the opposite side, there’s a zippered pocket that’s great for things that you don’t always want spilling out all over.


One of the other features that I really love is the little feet on the bottom of the Cicily Tote.  This allows you to set your bag down without worrying about scuffing up the bottom, it getting dirty, and even helps with wet spots.  This is a feature that’s normally found on much more expensive bags.

Next time you’re looking for a new bag, think about a Maggie Bags.  They’re head turning conversation starters without breaking the bank.


  1. Kathleen says

    I LOVE Maggie Bags! I think the idea to up-cycle seat belts is genius! I thought I really loved the beautiful, large, Bag, but then I saw the cross-body bags and I’m in love with those too!

  2. Marti Tabora says

    I would never have imagined that seat belts could be made into bags that look so nice. I like all the colors too. You really would not guess it was made of seat belts, just by looking at them.

  3. Mahdi Martin says

    I love companies that focus on conservation. How they turned seatbelts into a thing of such beauty is beyond me. I love that red bag in particular, and it’s great that it has feet on the bottom!

  4. Lanie says

    I love these bags! I have been wanting one for over a year now. I love how unique they are and how they are made from recycled seatbelts. I still think its such an ingenious idea! :)

  5. Kelly Amos says

    This looks like the most durable bag on the market. It is amazing to have such high quality along with such a fashionable look.

  6. Christina Marie says

    Those bags are beautiful. I especially like the feet on the bottom of the tote. Very practical. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Kristina L. says

    I have been in love with Maggie Bags from the first day I saw them! They are the cutest bags I have ever seen! The Cicily tote and the Butterfly bag are the best.

  8. says

    Very nice, I want one. I actually won one in the last fashioista giveaways but the blog owner said they (the blog) sent it to the wrong person or something like that, so I never got it.

  9. MonaG says

    I love that the bag is upcycled from such durable materials and the feet on the bottom. The size is also perfect for everyday use.

  10. willis flanagan says

    I think these are some of the prettiest bags on the market right now. I love the bright colors and hope to win one.

  11. Jane Ritz says

    I love Maggies Bags. I think it is so neat that they are made from recycled seat belts and are made in so many designs.

  12. amanda whitley says

    i love the red bag..but the green with the purple inside is pretty too…red seems like it matches well with everything.

  13. Amanda Wallace says

    Maggie Bags are original and stylish, i love the use of bold colors – they would grab anyone’s attention!

  14. says

    I love these bags, I had one similar before and it lasted forever because the material is so sturdy. The lime green with purple lining is so gorgeous :)

  15. marisa borst says

    I love Maggie Bags and I want them all! The colors are so pretty and I love the material, the feel and the little feet so they don’t get dirty!

  16. Julie Wood says

    This Maggie Bag is very nice and I am shocked that it is made out of recycled seat belts. It sure makes this hand bag look pretty and the inside looks like silk.

  17. ANN*H says

    What a great way to recycle things. I never would have guessed what they are made of. You know they have to be really strong made from seat belts. Really colorful ones too. The more we recycle things the less garbage we have to deal with on our earth.

  18. Susan Broughton says

    I have seen these bags quite often online but have never owned one. They look really nice and durable. The colors are nice as well.

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