Deer Fawns | Wordless Wednesday

If you’ve followed HWYD at all, you know that I go stalk deer.  All summer, I’ve been waiting for deer fawns.  It’s sort of my thing. There are two very large herds that live in the subdivision where a friend lives.  We saw them for the first time while looking at the house my friend moved into.  Anyway, these deer are ridiculously tame.  They’re not skittish, and they practically come right up to you.

Here are some pics from the past month or so of deer adventures. Lot of deer fawn cuteness!

siamese-twin-deer (572 x 575)

baby-deer (575 x 431) roadside-doe (574 x 575)

This doe is probably 3 feet from the road, with her two fawns

roadside-fawns (575 x 431) roadside-fawns-2 (574 x 575)


Look how close they are!!!

four-deer-fawns (575 x 432) deer-fawns-in-the-yard (574 x 575)


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