Las Vegas Vacations for Adults

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Las Vegas is a fantabulous place to visit.  There was a time that it was full of questionable people and shady dealings.  No longer.  It’s not somewhere you can feel safe to bring your family, whether it’s your kids or your granny.  However, this Las Vegas Vacations post ain’t about that.  It’s about partying and adult trips to Las Vegas.

When I lived in SoCal, one of our favorite girls’ getaways was to head to Vegas.  We could fly cheaply on Southwest Airlines, get a room at a fab hotel, and have a good time.  A really good time.  Even if we didn’t decide to fly, it was a fairly short road trip of about 3 ½ hours. 

Sometimes we would party at one of the fab pools.  Sometimes those are risqué, and sometimes it’s like all out debauchery.  I mean, there’s a reason that the slogan was “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.”  Other times we’d just go to one of the amazing clubs, restaurants, and/or bars in town.   A couple times, the other ladies have had their bachelorette parties in Las Vegas.  I can’t tell you about that, though.  Partly because this is a family rated blog, and partly because details may or may not be a little hazy.  *cough*

It doesn’t all have to be shady, sketchy details you vaguely remember.  Las Vegas has gorgeous golf courses, exquisite spas and salons, and some of the best shopping in the world.  Personally, I *always* hit up the fabric and bead stores when I visit.  If they have supplies to make the showgirl costumes, that’s where I wanna be.  I’m totally attracted to the sparklies. 

Southwest Airlines has always been known as a budget airline, but in recent years, they’ve stepped it up. Maybe it’s partly the fact that other airlines have started cutting back on services and nickel and diming you at every turn.  Whatever it is, Southwest has become one of my top airlines of choices recently. 

Now, they’ve decided to get in the game of vacation packaging.  Southwest Vacations has the best deals on Las Vegas Vacations.  For example, you can save $100 + 25% on a stay at Bally’s Las Vegas.  Southwest Vacations has lots of other fantastic deals too.

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  1. Susan Smith says

    We have gone to Las Vegas a few times over the years and we always fly Southwest because they have the best fares and a direct flight for us. We don’t like to spend a lot of money on the hotel room as we aren’t in there much. My biggest tip to save money on hotel rooms is to go during the week. you can get a much better deal on your room.

  2. says

    Love Vegas, we go at least once a year and always use southwest since we don’t like paying bag fees. I also play MyVegas and get free hotel stays, food, and shows.

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