Great Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Great uses for Tea Tree Oil was inspired by The Body Shop's new Tea Tree line.  I received items for consideration.

Great uses for Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil has a myriad of benefits.  Often referred to as a medicine cabinet in a bottle, it’s often used to treat a plethora of conditions.  First things first, though. 

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil that is steam distilled from a plant known as Melaleuca alternifolia, which is native to Australia.  It’s not found naturally growing in any other place on earth.  Tea Tree Oil should always come in a dark glass bottle, and be used with a dropper.  You should also never ingest Tea Tree Oil orally. 


What are some uses for Tea Tree Oil?

There are tons of uses for Tea tree oil.  Many times, it’s used to treat bacterial skin conditions.  What kind of conditions?

  • Acne – A little dab on a blemish will make it recede. 
  • Athlete’s foot – Helps kill the fungus & bacteria
  • Eczema – Helps treat the bacteria causing the condition.
  • Dandruff & Dry Scalp
  • A drop or two in shampoo can help kill head lice
  • Scabies

Tea Tree Oil is often used as a antiseptic for cuts, bug bites, and abrasions, too. 

When The Body Shop was creating a new line for acne treatment and blemished skin, they knew that they’d have to consider Tea Tree Oil as one of the ingredients.  The Tea Tree line was born soon after.  Consisting of a broad spectrum of 13 products, there’s a treatment for everyone.  Since it’s The Body Shop, the line is made with only the best ingredients.  Ingredients like organic tea tree oil, tamanu oil, and Lemon tea tree oil.  

The Body Shop Tea Tree line

The Tea Tree line has cleansers for every person – foaming cleansers, gel facial wash, even wipes and a blackhead exfoliating wash.  Then, because we all know blemishes don’t just go away magically, there’s the spot treatment products in the line.  Tea Tree Blemish gel, which is like tea tree oil in a gel base, works wonders.  Just place a dab on your blemish, and it recedes like magic.  There’s also a concealer that’s part of the line.  It works just like it sounds – it’s tinted, like a regular concealer, with a bit of tea tree oil in it.  How awesome is that?  Conceal and heal at the same time.

The Body Shop has really thought the whole line through, though.  Other items in the Tea Tree line include :

  • Tea Tree blotting papers.  These are amazing for hot summer months and soaking up your extra oil. 
  • Tea Tree Face Mask: Helps to pull out impurities while treating & soothing the blemish-prone skin
  • Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion: This gel crème helps to soothe your skin, moisturize it, and calm the breakout prone areas. 

Of course, since these items are from The Body Shop, they’re contain Earth friendly, and people friendly ingredients.  The Body Shop recommends recycling, with all of their packaging being not only recyclable, but also 100% recycled!  They never test on animals, either.  

The Tea Tree line can be found at over 2200 The Body Shop locations around the world. Most pieces retail for $15 or under, too! 

photo credit: Arthur Chapman via photopin cc


  1. says

    I have like 4 bottles of Tea Tree Oil in our house in all different rooms because of all the different uses! We have it in our first aid kids, emergency preparedness kits, the medicine cabinent (although discusting, it works wonders to swab your throat with it when you are sick) and in the bathroom for acne and skincare uses!  I use it all the time! 

    I had no idea there was an entire body care line that uses Tea Tree Oil! That is awesome!

  2. Angela Rhodes says

    We love tea tree oil! We have sensitive skin and this is a must! I just wish it weren’t so expensive. Thanks for sharing additional uses for it! I enjoyed this post.

  3. Helen May says

    Wow, I had no idea tea tree oil did some many things! I’m going to have to try it one of these days!

  4. Mer says

    I love tea tree oil, it’s so useful! I really want to try the blotting papers as they sound so perfect for sweltering summer days.

  5. ANN*H says

    I had some tea tree oil last year but I dont remember what I used it for . I didnt realize it was useful for blemishes and someone above said for warts too. I know it is really useful in so many other ways to. thanks for the information.

  6. Mary Ann Knox says

    I need to try some of this. I still get bad acne from time to time. I did not know that it had so many uses other than in shampoos.

  7. Lanie says

    I love tea tree its so useful for many things. It has really helped my skin and my scalp as well. The body shop makes great tea tree products and I also love the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree line for hair!

  8. Anne Taylor says

    I had no idea that tea tree oil was so versatile! I have used it in the past as a deodorant, but that’s about it!

    Thanks for the education!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  9. Julie Wood says

    There sure are a lot of benefits to tea oil. I like that it can help with Eczema. I have problems with very dry skin, and Tea tree oil can help with this. I will have to look for Tea Tree Oil!

  10. Lanie says

    I love Tea Tree oil! There are so many uses for it and now I even learned more. I really should start using it more often especially for calming my skin during the winter. I love the paul mitchell tea tree shampoo and conditioner too! They make your scalp feel amazing.

  11. Natosha Zachary says

    Thanks for all the great information. I’ve seen Tea Tree Oil listed in a few products I’ve used, but I didn’t know the benefits. Very informative.

  12. Maria J. says

    I love to use Tea Tree Oil with a Little bit of water and put in a spritz bottle to spray my pillows & face to prevent breakouts.

  13. ANN*H says

    I never knew that tea tree oil could be used for so many things. My cousin gave me a bottle of it but I didnt know what all to use it for – now I do. thanks for the information

  14. ellen beck says

    I am amazed how much of it is available if it is only coming from one place. I wonder if some is synthetic? I like the smell of it!

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