4 Simple and Easy Summer Organizing Tips

These summer organizing tips were brought to you by our friends at Current.  All opinions are my own. 

Simple and Easy Summer Organizing Tips

It seems like it was just Winter; here it is the end of May, but we had snow a couple of weeks ago!  Somehow, we are now in full blazing hot and humid Summer weather.  And Summer officially doesn’t begin for another four weeks.

Summer means we spend more time outdoors, and less time inside doing the mundane jobs around the house.  By starting your summer organizing now, you can have extra time to do the outdoorsy stuff – gardening, biking, swimming or taking a short vacation.  Add in a few useful home accessories, and the task is even easier.

Summer Organizing Tips

Space Bags

I like to spend a few days getting organized for the warmer weather by putting away the cold weather blankets, sweaters and other items I won’t be needing for several months.  For storing those big bulky quilts and sweaters, I love the Space Bags you see advertised on TV.  They are available all over, and if you, like me, are limited on storage space, you can hide a large amount of bulky goods under the bed.  Once you suck all of the air out of them. that is.  Be sure that the items being stored are clean and dry before encased in the bags. When next Fall rolls around, you’ll have fresh clean garments and bedding ready for you!

Shoe Bag Organizer
I also rotate all of my winter clothes to the back of my closet.  Again, I make sure everything is clean and ready for next Fall, but I keep all of my Summer dresses and shorts at the forefront.  Boots and shoes?  Back of the closet.  Cute strappy sandals?  Front and center.  A shoe rack or multi-pocket bag will help you keep them organized.  While you’re at it, get an extra over-the-door  shoe holder to keep your belts and scarves in.  It make a quick and easy way to see everything!

Clutter Control

Mail organizer

During the warmer months, I also hate spending time doing those tasks that keep me inside.  One of those is paying bills.  I’ve learned that if I have everything in one place, I can spend a few minutes every week and pay my bills quickly.  I throw away all the junk mail every day, and keep my bills in a cute little tray, along with pens, and stamps.  I pay some bills on line.  By keeping everything I need together in one spot, I can get my bills paid quickly. When I am done, I file them away in a big accordion folder by month.

Kitchen Organizing

My last summer organizing tip is for the kitchen.  Summer is the time for salads and fresh veggies from the garden, so I stow away the crock pot and bread machine, and other appliances I won’t be using for several months.  Honestly, I don’t do a ton of cooking in the Summer.  I make sure that I always have homemade salad dressings; if you’ve read HWYD at all, you know how much I love salad!  I always have some sort of Iced Tea brewing or in the fridge, and I like to keep a variety of tea bags in a little organizer tray on the counter, so I can choose different flavors.

Do you have any special summer organizing tips?  What changes do you make so you can enjoy the outdoors after spending the Winter inside?


  1. ANN*H says

    This is what I usually do as far as for clothes and winter blankets . But I still havent bought any of
    those bags yet which I need to do . I do most of my decluttering when I do my spring cleaning. That way all the mess is gone so summer can be spend enjoy it with the family. thanks for the info

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