Spring 2013 Trends for Accessories

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I have a secret to share.  I tend to wear the same clothes over and over again.  But, like everyone else, I tend to get tired of these clothes, and want to give them a new life.  How do I  give them a fresh new look?   With accessories!  They’re quick to find, can add a great pop of color, and can be found in every price range out there. Here are some of the Spring 2013 trends.

Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf


Lately, I have been on a scarf kick.  I mean, I’ve always been like “Oh, add a scarf” when an outfit needs a pop, but lately…

Wearing jeans and a sweater?  Add a scarf.  How about shorts and a tee?  Add a scarf.  Skirt and a solid colored top?  How about a scarf.  Yeah…why not?  Scarves go with everything.  Not only that. You can seriously wear them in a about a million different ways.  This Alexander McQueen skull scarf is one of my favorites right now.  It can look super hardcore and edgy-tough, or you could make it look soft and sweet.  Heck, if you weren’t looking carefully, you wouldn’t even see the skull print on some of the scarves.  Scarves are a one of the big Spring 2013 trends.Marc Jacobs Green Satchel bag


Who doesn’t love bags?  I am a fan of bright colored bags, as they add a fabulous pop of color to your outfit.  One tip, so that they don’t start to look foolish – I buy a classic style in a bright tone. One example would be a Magenta Kelly bag or a Grass Green satchel.  I also tend to buy trendy styles in classic colors like Cognac or Black.  If you buy even just a couple bags a year, you’ll have a whole wardrobe in no time.  I like this Marc Jacobs bag, but you can easily find a bag at any pricepoint.

Arm Party bracelets

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Jewelry is one of the best, quickest, and easiest ways to liven up a wardrobe.  You know that whole “wearing  ____ and _____? Add a scarf!”  from above?  Yep, that works for jewelry too.  You can add a statement necklace, a delicate necklace, or some fabulous earrings.  How about having an arm party?  What’s an arm party? A whole lotta bracelets!  Like the scarves, jewelry also comes in every price point and style . 

With these few simple tips, you can freshen up your wardrobe in no time flat.  Whether it’s Alexander McQueen scarves, a new bag, or jewelry, these Spring 2013 trends are sure to pack a punch. 



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    Love the bright coloured bag idea, I usually tend to stick to brown, black and grey, so perhaps its finally time to branch out a bit!! 


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