Have You Ever Wanted to go to Aruba?

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When I was in like 4th grade, the movie Cocktail came out.  And if you know anything about that movie, you know that the song Kokomo was popular too.  SUPER popular.  It was about then that I first became semi-aware of Aruba. 

Now that I’m, ummmm…older, I am much more familiar with the island nation of Aruba, and the amenities that they offer.  I was asked what I’d like to do if I went to Aruba, and why I’d want to go.   First, why do I want to go to Aruba?  Uhhh…really?  I want to go because it’s ARUBA!  As for what I would want to do?  Well, I’m the type of person that likes to jam in a little of everything when I go somewhere. 

Aruba is known for its ahhh-mazing beaches with stunning white sands and gorgeous turquoise waters.  I like to swim in the ocean, and love love love to snorkel.  So I think I’d totally take advantage of that. 

Of course, you have to do some shopping, too.  You can venture into the restored historic old town of Orenjestad.   This is convenient to get to, too, since it’s just a few blocks from the hotel district.  I always like to wander around and browse, but I don’t want to venture into somewhere that I could get into trouble.  Know what I mean? 

A girl cannot live on going to the beach alone.  No.  We will definitely need to try some of the local cuisine.  Due to the location of Aruba, and the influence of everyone that comes to visit, you can get just about anything you desire on the island.  Mahi mahi, Caribbean jerk, fresh lobster, and goat stew are just a few of the delicacies that abound.

When should you visit Aruba?

Aruba is a frequently busy place.  Because of the year-round temperate climate, many conventions, regattas, competitions, and sporting events take place.  Are you more of an artsy person?  No problem!  Music, film, and arts festivals are quite popular, too.  I mean, who doesn't want some Aruba travel?

Have you ever wanted to go to Aruba?  What would you do?  

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  1. chelesa sims says

    i guess i fear Arbua after that situation in the news or many foreign places at that.
    but i did have a fasanation with belize for a long time. mexico is a huge no no to me

  2. says

    I have not been yet, however that will change soon as we are booked for a 2 week holiday there in October. We picked Aruba because I, like you, loved that song and always dreamed of going there. I can hardly wait.

  3. Clifford says

    Aruba has always been on my destination list of places to vacation. Hopefully soon my wife and I can get there to enjoy the beaches and sunshine.

  4. ANN*H says

    Who wouldnt want the chance to go to Aruba. Beautiful beaches and clear blue water and white sandy beaches . So many wonderful things to see.

  5. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    Wow, this looks amazing. Was Cocktail filmed in Aruba? It’s been years since I’ve seen it. I might have to go watch it again!

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