Do You Believe in Fairies | Fairy Quotes

Fairies are mystical, magical beings.  It seems that as a child you see them everywhere, and at some point, you stop believing.  Here are some inspirational fairy quotes.

Peter Pan Baby Laugh Fairy Quote

Fairy Quote magic Lynn Holland

Fairy Quote John Lennon fairies are real

Magic in fairy tales danielle steele quote

Fairy Quote fairy armies Robert Louis Stevenson


I’m not the only one that believes in fairies.  The Fairy Hobmother flutters around the blogosphere, sprinkling his magic. The good people at Appliances Online make sure he can continue doing so.  This post was sponsored by The Fairy Hobmother.

I believe in fairies.  Do you?


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    I love the Fairly Hobmother. He certainly is busy, and so generous. I have seen first hand how many lives he has touched, just among my friends. I cannot even imagine how many. So admirable. Thank you Fairy Hobmother.

    I know there are many more deserving, but if you would like to bless me with a visit, I would love to have you.

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    I have had several sightings lately – maybe I'll be next.  I am excited you were one of the lucky one's Greta, I totally believe in the power of the Fairy Hobmother!

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    I think it is fun to believe in fairies, when my son was little, we would go out in the woods to find 'fairy hats' which were the tops of acorns.  I would tell him some big story about fairies and he loved it.  I have a little fairy house sitting in my living room, just in case one wants to drop by :)  Vicki

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