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closetmaidshelf2 555 x 740 Getting Organized with ClosetMaid

I am a bit of a messy person.  I may or may not have mentioned this before, I really can’t remember.  Anyway, my mess issues are three or four-fold.  I’m a bit of a packrat, you see.  I can’t bear to throw anything away, always believing that it’s going to be the perfect item I need for some project.  Well, that’s not totally true.  I throw lots of stuff away, but if I deem it has value, it has to stay FOREVER

I am always in the midst of a project – or ten – and I have half projects sitting all over.  I tend to do projects assembly line rather than one from start to finish.  Since it’s a beautiful day I might as well paint everything I ever thought about making all at once.  Or I might was well glue everything since I have it out. 

closetmaidshelf3 550 x 391 Getting Organized with ClosetMaid

But mainly, I’m just not sure where to put stuff.  Yep, that’s really one of the main problems with my messiness.  I mean, it’s organized, kinda sorta, and I can find stuff when I’m looking for it.  But it’s not pretty and appealing, especially when others want to come over. 

Well, the good folks at ClosetMaid had to have heard about this little issue I have, because they generously sent over three of their awesome new closet organizers, as well as some of the fabulous fabric drawers that fit inside the cubbies. 

These new organizers are amazing!  They come in three different styles: 

  • Shoe Organizer – 16 x 36 x 11.61 inches – has 8 little cubbyholes to organize 8-16 pairs of shoes. 
  • Shelf Organizer – 15.35 x 36 x 11.61 inches.  Has 4 cubbyholes and 2 larger spots for bigger items.
  • Floor Organizer – 17.5 x 36 x 15.83 inches.  This one has two tiers, with large sections for bulky items, a medium section, and two small cubbyholes.

And the closet organizers come in two colors – white or Espresso brown.  However, the Espresso Brown is only available at

closetmaidshelf4 550 x 487 Getting Organized with ClosetMaid

It took me a while to figure out how to best utilize these ClosetMaid organizers.  Originally, I was going to put them in the closet.  However, there is already a closet system in there, and these didn’t really fit that well.  Besides, they’re so attractive, why should we lock them up in the closet?  Yes, they’re white laminate, but they’re not the cheap flimsy white laminate.  These have some serious weight and heft to them. 

After throwing around a few other ideas, we ended up building the organizers into a shelving unit in the bedroom.  We put the floor organizer on the bottom, the shelf organizer on top of the floor organizer, and the shoe organizer on top.  ClosetMaid provides brackets and pegs to put your organizers together and provide additional support for them. 

closetmaidshelf 550 x 718 Getting Organized with ClosetMaid

As you can see, I’m still deciding what to put on my shelf.  I’m leaning towards beauty and makeup stuff in the cubbies, with some accessories and larger items in the other areas.  Of course, that could change at any time! 

How would you use the ClosetMaid items to organize your treasures?

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About Greta Brinkley

Greta is a newly minted 30 year old, originally from the West Coast. Now living in the Midwest, she loves hockey, sparkles, nail polish, and bright colors. She also cannot resist anything that has peanut butter and chocolate together. And she hates filling out bios. Yep.


  1. I totally love that… and need that too! Would be great for organizing while I am spring cleaning! Thanks for sharing this, I am going to check it out!

  2. What an awesome organizer. I love how you were able to customize the pieces to create the storage you needed. We're in desperate need of a new storage system in our closets but I just haven't found the right set up. I'll have to check out what Closet Maid has to offer.

  3. These organizers look awesome.  I need to get some organization going in our spare bedroom.  It is a mad house,

  4. Wow!  This is awesome!  We totally need this in our closet! :)  Thanks for sharing.

  5. Danielle Fouts says:

    Wow! This looks awesome – I want one!  

  6. Great review! I could really use one of these. I need to get organized with a few things. 

  7. This is insanely amazing for organization! It is only the work of organize gods!! So jealous! 

  8. like you, I have many projects in the works, I would put yarn and knitting stuff in the drawers, gifts I pick up during the year to give for birthdays and Christmas.  I have the perfection place for it in my bedroom.  Vicki

  9. Lori Thomas says:

    Sweet, what a nice way to keep things organized.

  10. I'm trying to organize my son's old room into a guest room/ computer room to do my geneology.  This would be great for papers & photo boxes

  11. I love how you combined all of the organizers to make a very nice big organizer. I could really use one of them like that.

  12. chelesa sims says:

    I love how simply it is with the large spaces

  13. I like how customizable this is, so you can set it up to best meet your needs! How perfect for that miscellaneous stuff we all have, that never fits in just a single standard organizer.

  14. amanda roach says:

    this wold be insanely awesome to have. I am an OCD girls o this would make me a happy lady.

  15. Carolann Leibenguth says:

    I think I need all the styles available. I hate clutter and the house we are renting is very small and storage is limited. I like that these are functional and good looking

  16. I am loving this organizer, I could see this in our living room and kids room. It looks awesome with the drawers too,  way more helpful then just putting stuff on the shelfves. Would add pizzazz to any home. 

  17. Sylvia Zajis says:

    Great review, I love how you stacked them and I would have definitely gone with the same design.  I can see it now, this would look so great in my craft room!  Fingers crossed.

  18. This would really help to keep me organized. I have issues with my closet organization that drives hubby nuts and have been searching for a solution and I think this would be perfect. I love the review

  19. I could really use something like this in my computer room because I have many files and books just sitting on the floor around me
    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  20. terri tillman says:

    you sound just like me when it comes to getting rid of stuff. especially 'good' stuff. i personally come from a long line of 'pack rats'. i also tend to have several projects going at once and i like having each one close to hand. i think this organizer would be so perfect for what i have going on in my craft department. i like that it is attractive enough to put in any room. 

  21. Donna George says:

    This would be awesome in my spare bedroom. I could put a lot of miscellaneous stuff that just clutters up other areas of the house.

  22. Jennifer Dysart says:

    This is really awesome, I love organization tools since I am naturally disorganized, i need help. I like that you can choose what will be shelves or drawers and there is some size variation. I would out this in my bedroom or guest room and use to to organize socks or crafts

  23. Barbara Montag says:

    These are great for getting and staying organized!
    Would love it in my craft room.

  24. The organizer looks nice the way you've got it set up. I like the white–it looks clean and open. I could use this system in the space between my kitchen and living room for the spill-over of kitchen things (cookbooks, small appliances, seasonal baking pans, and stuff like that). Thanks for the review.

  25. At first I thought this post was about my life – just kidding.  But I am the exact same way.  I hate to throw things away that might be useful, I have "organized" piles everywhere, and I can never find a system that seems to work for my many projects.  This looks like it could definitely help me out though

  26. I love the design of this – and how it can instantly help you organize! I have always liked closetmaid's cube storage – makes it easier for kids to clean up by throwing things in bins

  27. these look great, I love the color and I like how there is label pockets on the front and handles! makes everything so much easier :D 
    Teresa@ Freebies 4 My Family :D Come Visit!

  28. Betty Baez says:

    hubby comes from a line of packrats lol and im the neat freak but after having little ones i had to learn to deal with messes otherwise i would be a wreck lol i love this organizer i would use it in my sons room!

  29. Toni Allen says:
  30. Amber Edwards says:

    I am in love with your set up! That is exactly how I'd want to set mine up and use it in my craft room! I love this!! 

  31. Angel Fisher Poling says:

    That is the beast, of all beast organizers for shelves, and boxes.  I would love to own something like this!

  32. Kim Cowgar says:

    I love big organizers that have lots of different organizing sizes inside. The floor and shelf organizer I would prob. put in my middle "all-purpose" room and those nice big spaces on the floor one would hold fabric (lots and lots of fabric). It would be awesome for organizing so much of my craft ephemera in one nice space instead of the broken up smaller areas I have stuff in now. The shoe organizer would go in my bedroom 

  33. Susan Broughton says:

    this is a nice piece that I think this could be used in a variety of ways. I could really use it in my daughters room!

  34. LAURIE says:

    wow i need this product would be great in my bedroom

  35. its so versatile its great. we need one for our house!

  36. Marisa Johnson says:

    That can store a lot of stuff…how cool.  I already have 4 of the cubes that would fit in it.  Right now, they are at the top of my closet.  It can be tricky getting them down since they are heavy.  I'm liking the bottom of it too.  Thank you for doing this review :-)

  37. Love the shelf! I really enjoy organizing if I have stylish stuff to use, I just wish my kids thought the same :)
     The baskets/bins on the shelf are my favorite.
    Thanks, Karen

  38. Those are so cool! I love how you could use them in the closet but they also look nice enough to use anywhere in the house!

  39. John Hutchens says:

    nice organizer . would be great in the garage for shoes

  40. natalie nichols says:

    Wow. I would LOVE to have one of these! Very nice

  41. Ross Olson says:

    These organizers are great!  I could really use the shoe one in my closets!  Thanks!


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