Where Have You Been?

Nyquil and Dayquil

I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve been laying low for a while.  It’s basically been since around Christmastime, but I’ve been posting less and less.  I mean, there are a few weeks there where I posted once, maybe twice a week.  Long-time readers know that is VERY unlike me. Where was I?  Did I have a nice vacation? 

I wish!   I wasn’t feeling well, and I thought I had just a touch of a cold, or maybe I had contracted the dreaded flu.  I decided to lay low, and just take it easy.  After kicking around the house for a couple days, cabin fever was starting to kick in.  On top of that, we were expecting inclement weather, and I needed supplies.  My mom came over, and she was going to take me to the local grocery store. 

NO!  That wasn’t acceptable.  I wanted to go to a mass retailer that has a bulls eye logo.  My mom finally gave in, and off we went.  By this time, I had developed a nasty cough to go along with my general sickiness.  My mom had her list of departments I could look at, while I was determined to wander.  It seems that when I get sick, I end up reverting back to my toddler ways.  She could not stop me from looking at the beauty section, she could only hope to contain me!

I was wandering through the store, hacking and wheezing and looking, and trying not to infect others.  My mother, on the other hand, was actually picking up the stuff that we both needed.  One of the things she picked up was Vicks NyQuil and DayQuil.  Little did I know how great this would be.

We had picked up some food, and some snacks.  While I was trying to choose peanut butter, I had a coughing fit, and couldn’t stop.  I thought I was going to pass out on the floor, hit my head, and die, right there.  For those that don’t know, hitting my head on the floor is, like, my greatest fear.  My mom was like “Oh!  Time to go!” grabbed a jar of creamy peanut butter, and we left. As we were headed up to the register, it happened again.  Only this time, I think I blacked out a little, and the next thing I knew we were up at the register.  I was kinda like “Where am I and how did I get here?”

The next day, we were at the Dr office.  Long story short – wait, it’s too late for that, isn’t it? – it turns out I had contracted Pertussis.  What’s Pertussis?  It’s the adult form of Whooping Cough.  Woo. 

So we went and got the prescription filled for my antibiotics, which also came with orders to stay home for 7 days.  7 days at home?  In a row?  That might really kill me! The doc also made a comment that I should take some NyQuil if I want to just sleep for a while.  Hey…I got NyQuil last night in my near-death experience.  I took my doctor’s advice, and took a dose of NyQuil when I got home.  It relaxed me enough to the point where I could just sleep for a few hours without being interrupted, but didn’t knock me out to the point where I was so groggy I had no idea what was going on. 

When I was finally able to go back outside, I switched over to the DayQuil, after checking with the doc, of course.  It had the same benefits as NyQuil, but without the drowsiness.  This meant I could almost focus at work and stuff.  Yay.  

I’d always taken NyQuil and DayQuil when I had Flu or a cold, but never when I had something like this. 

It’s been, uhhh, a really long time now.  And I’m finally getting back to where I’m not totally run down from my daily routine – only partially run down. 

  • Remember before trying any new medication make sure to check with your doctor & follow the proper recommended course of treatment.
  • DayQuil & NyQuil is not recommended for children younger than 12. Please be sure to consult your physician before giving DayQuil & NyQuil to children.
  • When using DayQuil/NyQuil, be sure to follow the usage guidelines for warnings and dosage directions or visit http://www.vicks.com for more information.

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