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Cream fashion for Spring

I love online shopping.  I can do it in my pajamas, or while I’m laying in bed, or kicked back on the couch or the deck.  One of the reasons that I love shopping on the internet is the wide variety of places and items that are available to me.  Sites like Apricot Collection

While I live in a fairly large town, it seems that there’s not a whole lot of selection or choices here.  Who wants to look just like everyone else?  Not me, that’s for sure.  Apricot Collection selects the best fashion pieces from a myriad of lines, and offers them up on their site. 

Nougat fashion at Apricot Collection

I happen to a be a huge fan of this, as it introduces me to lines that are totally and completely new to me.  Even the most savvy fashionista can’t be in the know with every line that’s out there.

Many of the lines carried at Apricot Boutique seem to lean towards small, indie designers.  Lines like Nu, OXMO, Pink Martini, and Eric Alexandre are all available on the website.  I even saw that they have a plus sized tab and an accessories tab, although, at this time, both are empty.  Perhaps it’s a sign of even better things to come?

Pink Martini at Apricot Collection

I   also noticed that Apricot Boutique has a styling guide on their site.  How great is that?  Some people have great fashion sense and some people need some help.  And sometimes, those lines cross or you end up second-guessing yourself.  My weakness is accessories.  Should I add a necklace to this?  What about bracelets?  Is this the wrong bag for this outfit or for my body?  Now I know that I have someone to ask these questions.  Well, someone that’s a neutral third party, that is!

Are you ready to give Apricot Collection a try?  Excellent.  We’ll be giving away a $150 gift card to the site in the Spring Fashionista event!


  1. Julie Wood says

    The clothes at Apricot Collection are very nice, and I like the colors and styles so much. What nice clothes to wear to so many of my functions. I need to look and see what things I can get!


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