Oh My It’s Chilly!

We had a few days of really nice Spring weather, and today we are back to the cold and dreary rain.  I am looking forward to Spring – the calendar says it will be here next week, but I have my doubts.

I can keep my apartment pretty cozy, but if my feet get cold, I am cold all over.  Nothing will change that until my feet are warmed up.  I don’t like wearing socks around on the bare floor, but I do love slippers.  I have a pair that I got from Deafoams.com that I have been wearing lately – and after being on my feet all day at my job, they are really comfy and cozy.  It is like having little warm clouds on my feet!

Do you like slippers?  I am very particular.  I like slippers that have a back.  I don’t want them to be too heavy on my feet, and they need to keep my feet warm in the Winter.  I remember when I was little, and I used to love wearing my grandmother’s slippers she had gotten in New Zealand.  They were very soft leather, and lined with sheepskin, and I think my love of slippers developed them.  I have since decided that for most of the year, the wool-lined ones are too warm, and I really prefer something a little less heavy.  The biggest problem is finding something that doesn’t look like something that belongs to an old lady; in fact, I have been known to wear men’s slippers just because I like the style better.  I don’t know who determined that women don’t want a bold plaid or darker solid color slippers, but we do! 

The temperature is still dropping today, and it’s just the middle of the afternoon;   we may get snow tonight.  I might just  have to put on my wooly ones tonight.


  1. mark says

    It's not only women who like to wear slippers around the house. Guys also like wearing them, although not all of them will admit it. I have soft leather slippers that I out on as soon as I get in. I am not a socks and slippers person though. I always wear them with my socks off. My OH is frequently amused when i come home and sit down to take off my shoes, that my socks come off too. She just changes from shoes to slippers. We are a slipper wearing family, and really prefer that all our guests take off their shoes when they visit.

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