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Midnight Swimming Detective Series Tees

I am a huge fan of t shirts and jeans.  I think it’s an easy look that anyone can pull  off, no matter your size, shape, or gender.  Just because you’re wearing a t-shirt doesn’t mean that it has to be a boring nothing look.  There are all kinds of shirts out there with fabulous artwork and unique cuts. 

Midnight Swimming takes both of these features and melds them together.  What do I mean, and what makes them different from other boutique t-shirt manufacturers?

Midnight Swimming partners with known artists for extremely limited edition runs of their T Shirts.  The first collaboration is with Karl Mullen, and is entitled Detective.  Mullen has created four unique and distinctively different designs for this series. 

Midnight Swimming Falcon Tee

Why the name Detective? 

Mullen created the artwork on vintage book covers of classic detective novels.  Instead of using traditional materials, Mullen uses a combination of red wine and various spices to create his artwork pieces.  Midnight Swimming then takes these paintings and puts them on shirts. 

 Four separate and unique paintings have been printed on the shirts with direct to garment printing technology.   This creates a long lasting, soft, and full color print on the shirt.  Midnight Swimming chose an Alternative Apparel burnout ringer tee for this series.  These are super soft tees that are a great combination of vintage look and thoroughly modern feel.  While they’re unisex sizes, I would order a size larger for the guys.  The shirts fit true to size for women.  These limited edition tees are available through February 2013.  The introductory series is available at $86, but prices may vary for future collaborations. 

You can connect with Midnight Swimming on Twitter and Facebook, too. 


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