Mens Shoes and Footwear Fashions

Mens Loafer dress shoe

Men’s Fashion has come a long way in the past 7-10 years.  It used to be that they had basically two choices – a suit and tie or jeans and a t-shirt.  I mean, sure…there were the times that they wore a button down and a pair of slacks, but not usually as an everyday look.

And the options for mens shoes were limiting, to say the least!  You had athletic shoes, which were fairly plain and, well, athletic looking.  You had some version of dress shoes, generally a wing-tip or something similar.  And then there was the in-between casual shoe – a loafer or a deck shoe.  Yeah.  Not always such a good look.  So, basically, the fellas had three options – look like a schlub in a t-shirt and jeans,  be all preppied out in a polo and slacks or jeans with deck shoes, or wear a suit and tie.

Ugg Boots for men
From what I understand, these weren’t the most comfortable shoes in the world, either.  Nowadays, there are several options for comfortable shoes for men.  There are dress shoes that are built for comfort and style.  Some casual shoes have a sneaker like interior.  Hiking boot styles are on-trend.  Even athletic shoes come in a myriad of styles and materials.  I mean, you’ve seen the lines when they release a new basketball shoe, right?   Heck, they even make some of the most popular women’s shoes in a masculine style now.

You’ve come a long way, baby.


  1. Sarah L says

    What? They don't get to wear sandals?  Now if more women's shoes had COMFORT as their main idea that would be good.

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