9 Tips to Stay Safe on the Internet

How to stay safe on the internet


The internet is a wonderful, weird, and let’s face it, a wild place.  There are lots of ways to run into danger when you’re online.  However, it’s easy to stay safe as well.  Just remember a few simple rules, and you should stay pretty A-OK.  Here are 9 easy tips to stay safe on the internet.

Monitor your kids’ internet access.  I mean, that’s just part of good parenting, right?  I am amazed at the number of kids that have unfettered access to the internet.

Never share your password.  This should be a no-brainer, but it’s really surprising how many people will just tell you their password to something.

Don’t download from unknown sites.  This is one for my mom to learn.  Not too long ago, I had to have my laptop serviced.  Later that day, she asked to use it, and I caught her downloading graphics from an unknown site.

Don’t click on unknown links.  This is especially hard, with the bitly type tracking links out there.  Do the best you can to avoid unknown links.

Don’t fall for Phishing scams.  Chances are really good that you haven’t won a foreign lottery, don’t have a friend that’s stranded, and your Paypal or bank account haven’t been compromised.  If you want to check your Paypal account or bank account, go directly to their sites and log in.  DO NOT click a link and enter your info.

Use common sense.  If an offer is too good to be true, it probably is.  Hey, we all like freebies, but I don’t believe that someone is going to send me a free pair of Uggs, a free computer, or anything else like that.

Keep your virus software updated.  Saying you can’t afford the protection isn’t a good excuse.  There are tons of fabulous free programs, like AdAware, that work really well.  I use a combination of two or three programs.  Many times, your internet provider has a program to protect your email through them.

Be aware of the information you share.  Once you post it, the information is out there.  This also goes for email.  Once you hit the send button, you can’t really get that email, or those questionable pictures, back.

Don’t give out personal information.  It’s one thing to tell someone where you live, like the general area.  It’s another to give them your address, where you go to school, or where you work.

There are tons of other tops for staying safe online, but these will protect you pretty well.  What’s your best tip for staying safe online?


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    I have a  friend who is constantly on Craig's List giving out personal information and then wodnering why weird things keep happening to her. It's really all about common sense. I don't even get why the internet is so hard for some people.

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    It's amazing how easy people can get access to your personal information- thinking about how much we give out by signing up for things. I hate how many 'contests' there are that seem so fake – I feel like a lot of people fall for those.

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