Unique New Years Eve Celebrations

Unique New Years Eve Celebration Ideas

Celebrating New Years on January 1st dates back to the times of Julius Caesar.  Sure, you can go out and party, but that’s not always for everyone. 

One great solution to that is First Night.  I happen to live in one of the towns where First Night is still going strong.  First Night is an arts-based event that celebrates the New Year without focusing on Alcohol.  In our town, it’s held downtown with each participating venue hosting a different band or event.  And they usually ring Midnight with a variety of fireworks.

While there are always tons of festivities that you can go to, you don’t always want to be out with the people that may be drunk or otherwise inebriated.  You can have fun at home, too!

One of the funnest (most fun?) New Years Eve parties I ever attended was a game night when I was in high school.  There were a big group of kids ranging from about 8 to 17, but most of us were 13-15.  We hung out, listened to music, ate, and played games like Michigan Rummy all night.  We toasted midnight with champagne or sparkling grape juice.  I think the party finally broke up around 2:30. 

Who wants to come over and have a game night!?!

My mom was telling me that when I was little I used to have a slumber party on New Years Eve.  Really, she was baby-sitting all my little friends, but she made it a party.  We’d watch movies, as we had a VCR way back in the day!  We’d also make cookies, do crafts, and play dolls.  I think that would still be fun, if you had kids that age and were staying home anyway.

Many NHL teams also do a New Years Eve event.  I’ve been fortunate to attend a few of those, and they can be fun.  Of course, there’s no hockey this year. 

Sometimes, if you have a ballroom dance studio in your town, they’ll do something really fun like holding a ball.  It’s a great alternative to hanging out at a bar.

Of course, there’s always the option of going to bed early and sleeping in.  For some people, that’s the ultimate good time!  How are you planning on ringing in the new year?

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