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Ever since I was a teen, I have shopped at Lane Bryant.  You see, I’ve always been curvy, plus sized, chubby, what have you.  And I‘m totally ok with it! 

 If you’re a curvy gal, you’re already aware that your shopping options are kind of limited.  You’ve got great features of your body, they’re just a little larger than what is deemed to be “normal.”  Chances are, you have breasts and hips and booty. 

Most stores have a large size or plus sized department, but they tend to carry really matronly items.  I’m not 70 years old wanting to wear leisure wear, nor do I want something that looks like a potato sack.  I want the same cute outfits and styles as the other departments, I just need it in a slightly larger size. 


Lane Bryant Casual Outfit

That’s part of the reason why I choose to shop at Lane Bryant.  They have styles that are very on point with what’s going on today in fashion.  When I go in, I don’t feel like “Oh, I’m being pushed into the dark corner of shame.”

I made a trip to the mall this week, just to visit Lane Bryant.  A trip to the mall at the holidays?  That’s crazy talk, right?  Well, I did it.  And it was a good experience!  I’m used to kind of being ignored in stores or followed around like I’m robbing them blind.  Never an in-between. The girls working at Lane Bryant were helpful, but not hovering.  They acknowledged me when I came in, and checked to see if I needed anything a couple times.  They weren’t hovering, though, which was nice. 


Lane Bryant Evening Out


The store was really light and bright, which was also nice.  In years past, Lane Bryant has gone for a dark, almost club feel.  While that may be a great mood setting, it makes it a bit difficult to find wardrobe pieces.  There were lots of items I found that I really liked. 

One of these items was a motorcycle jacket that was either twill or lightweight denim.  It was silver and had a small ruffle down the front and around the edges.  I tried to find it on the Lane Bryant site, but couldn’t.  As soon as I figure out where to wear it, that baby is MINE! 

I have a bit of an odd body shape.  I say that, but we all have our crosses to bear when it comes to fashion and style, right?  I’m average height – about 5 ft 5, but I have a really long torso and short legs.  This makes pants too long and tops too short.  I am also hourglass shaped and have a fairly large bust. 

I was really surprised that Lane Bryant didn’t have any dresses, and not really very many skirts.  It was mostly tops and a lot of casual pants.  I don’t know if it is just our local store or if they’re all like that.  Most of the workplaces around here are fairly casual, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want a dress for date night or to wear once in a while. 

I found a couple of great items.  I’ll have to take some pics and upload them over the weekend. 


Lane Bryant Surprise Offer

Surprise Offers

Lane Bryant is also introducing Surprise Offers every day between now and Dec 17th.  The special offer for December 7th is any black pants or jeans are $25.  As a bonus, sassy cotton panties are 6/$32. These offers are good in stores and online.   These surprise offers are good for one day only, though. 

Lane Bryant Gift Card Giveaway

Lane Bryant Gift Card Giveaway

Are you a curvy gal yourself?  Would you love to win a Lane Bryant gift card?  Well, then I have great news for you! 

We’re giving away 2 {TWO!} $30 gift cards to Lane Bryant!  All you have to do to enter is:

  • Pin your favorite Lane Bryant looks to Pinterest using the hash tag #LB12Days
  • Leave a link to your pin in the comments! 

You can pin as many looks as you want, just leave a link to each. 

Ends December 15th at 9pm EST/ 6pm PST


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    I love lane bryant  there great but  Iam uemployed and my birthday this month just dont have any money for mom last struggling to get kids gifts Moms are the last on the list!!!!!! lol a mircale!!

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