Get Gel Nails at Home with Sally Hansen Gel Polish

Sally Hansen Gel Nails Kit
Let me tell you a little bit about my latest love, the Sally Hansen Gel Polish System.  It is easy to use.  It is hard to screw up.  It is fixable, if you do screw it up.  You don’t have to worry about sheet texture if you do your nails at night.  You know what I mean, if you do your nails and go to bed, chances are really good that you will wake up with the weave of your sheets embedded into your nails, no matter how careful you are.   Let me just say, right from the start:  OMG I love this stuff!
I have had a love affair with nail polish since I can remember, and lately, with all the wild glitters, finishes and colors, I’ve been in heaven.  But this, my friend, is no ordinary polish, and I might have to re-think what I want in a polish.  When you finish applying this Sally Hansen Gel Polish system, your nails are hard and ready to go!  In fact, I just finished mine, and am typing this review!
I was somewhat hesitant about trying this because I was afraid it wouldn’t live up to the hype.  But I cracked open the box, organized my supplies, and actually read the instructions.  It wasn’t complicated; basically some wipes, a file and cuticle stick, the light mechanism, and the three polishes, which were a base coat, polish color, and top coat.  Plus the UV light.  I was ready to roll!
Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish kit
First, I shaped my nails a bit.  I didn’t push my cuticles back.  That’s for suckas! However, I would recommend doing this step.  It will help define where the polish goes, and keep the edges from lifting.  I then wiped my nails down with the wipes that were provided.  I was concerned that I used 5 of the 10 wipes on my first set of nails, and I would have to purchase some more before my kit was used up.  It turns out that the wipes are isopropyl alcohol on a non-lint cloth.  I can use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a little fabric scrap or something similar and get the same results.
Next, I applied the base coat.  Take your time, and complete one hand before starting the second hand. I learned that from reading the instructions, and it made life a little easier.  Start at the end of your nail, and apply the base coat to the edge of your nail as well as the flat surface.  When you put the polish on, it won’t flow all the way to the end unless you do this.  I didn’t take the time to apply the base coat to the tips, and I have a very faint white area on the end of each nail.  Not terribly noticeable, but I notice it. If you get any of the base coat on your skin, or if it pools up in the area around your cuticles, take the time to remove it.  I learned that once you expose any of the polish steps to light, it hardens, and it is there to stay.  After you’ve cleaned up the edges, process under the light. 
Next,  take the polish color, and apply a thin coat to your nails.  This polish is thick, but self-leveling, so wipe the excess from the brush and start in on your nails.  Again, clean up the boo-boos, and process under the light. Apply a second thin coat, clean up, and process under the light.
Last but not least, the top coat.  By now, you have a feel for how the layers flow, and apply the top coat the same way as the previous coats.  Process under the light.  When you have completed the light step, take one of your wipes, and smooth over each nail to remove the slightly tacky residue.  You are done!
Sally Hansen Gel Nails
Some things I learned after doing my nails:  I smudged one of my nails, and had a pool of polish in one of my cuticles when I finished.  I didn’t worry about either at the time, because although I knew they were there, it wasn’t really noticeable.  But, this afternoon, the ridge of polish came off, so I decided to make a fix on the two nails.  I filed the surface where the polish and nail were exposed, used a wipe to clean both nails, and reapplied all three layers to the once missing polish, and reapplied the top coat to the smudged nail.  It worked!  Unless I had told you, you wouldn’t even know which nails were repaired!
When you finish your application, your nails are finished, and ready for action.  When I finished mine earlier today, I tried abusing them, just to see how hard the finish really was, and I must say that a toothbrush dragged across my nails left no impression at all!  Once you finish, those babies are set! 
Our DIY Sally Hansen Gel Nails manicure lasted about 5 or 6 days. The photos were taken at day 4 or 5, so you can see how good they really do stand up!  I figure that's pretty good, as it gets you through the work week.  While the kit runs around $60, you can get up to 10 manicures out of a kit. 
Now admire your nails, because you are ready for anything!


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    I love Gel nails, Also they tend to be really good for your nails.  UV cured is also so easy to play with.  Thank you for Sharing, I may have to look into that.

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