Easy and Elegant Christmas Cards Tutorial

Christmas Tree Card Tutorial

Have you sent your Christmas cards yet?  I have to admit – I have not.  Bad Greta, bad.  Well, I’m here to help.  You can make an absolutely awesome handmade Christmas card quickly and easily, and get them sent out just as quick!

Easy and Elegant Christmas Card Tutorial


Supplies needed

Easy and Elegant Christmas Tree Cards

Green Cardstock.  For this project, I used a green glitter paper, a pearlescent green paper, and a plain green paper.  

Base Card.  I’m using an ivory panel flat card.  I think they look elegant and I got a really good deal on them!

Metallic gold ink pad or paint pen {optional}

Adhesive.  I like to use dry adhesive or double stick tape.  

Paper Cutter

To Make

How to make easy christmas cards

Cut a 3 ½ inch strip of each of your cardstocks.  With your scissors or paper cutter, cut the end of the paper strip at an angle.  

Quick and Easy Christmas Cards to make

Easy and elegant christmas cards


Line up the point on your paper cutter, so that when cutting the paper, it will cut the paper at an angle.  I find the easiest way to do this is to flip the strip of paper over with each cut.  

Elegant Christmas tree cards

Cut your entire strip of paper.  Alternating angles and flipping your paper over so that you get several obtuse triangles.  

Quick and Easy Christmas Cards

Repeat for each strip of paper, so that you have several triangles of each type of paper.   

Elegant Christmas cards to make

Choose three of your triangles and lay them out for your card.  Play with the layout until you get a look you like.  I really thought that I'd love the glitter cardstock for the front tree, but I didn't!

Quick and easy elegant christmas cards to make

Apply adhesive to the back of the triangles.  Stick them down to your card.  

Christmas Tree Card Tutorial

You’re finished!  

I have made tons of these cards.  There have been many times I’ve used one type of cardstock for all three trees.  If I use a plain color cardstock, I like to edge the trees in gold.  Sometimes I edge all of the trees, sometimes I only edge one of the trees.  Sometimes, I also edge the card in gold.  That’s also entirely optional.  

Time: About 5-8 minutes to make one.  If you're making many cards, the steps actually lend themselves to production line work and the time could easily be cut to about 2 min per card.

Investment: The paper I purchased was between $0.60 and $1 per sheet.  I got 250 cards for about $10.  Soo, less than $15, including the adhesive.  As always, the more items you have on hand, the cost goes down.

Cost per card:  About $0.15


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