Animals In Action with Safari: A Photicular Book

Safari A Photicular Book


One of the things that I’m always on the lookout for is really unusual items, whether they’re for gifts or for myself.  You will rarely find me giving someone a gift that’s plain and normal.  It’s just not in me! If you’re planning to go this route, you have to really know your recipient, or have an item that is so spectacularly unique that they’ll love it.   I think that Safari: A Photicular Book falls into the spectacularly unique category. 

I know you’re like “Ummm…what’s a phot icular book?”  It’s this amazing, patented technique that allows a photo to come to life.  Instead of being a 3-d, or a pop-up book, the photi cular technique allows for motion in photographs.  Individual strips of the photo are spliced together  to create a main image.  On it’s own, the image is a little blurry.  When you add the special lens, and view the photo through that, it comes alive!  For this particular Safari book, the animals are running, eating, and doing the various things that you’d hope to see on a safari. 

The photos come to life when you turn the pages.  As you move the cover, they start to move.  While I think kids would enjoy the book, I’m not totally sure they’d appreciate the technology.  This is more of a coffee table discussion starter type of book. 

The book is bound beautifully, with a leather look cover and large photos.  Whoever did the book design really put a lit of attention to details into it.  Safari: A Photicular Book looks a lot more expensive than the $25 cover price. 

Safari A photicular book inside

About the Authors

Dan Kainen is an interesting guy.  As an inventor, artist, and photographer, he’s always got a project going on.  He’s done projects from major art installations, cutting edge laser light shows, to silkscreening fabrics fro designers including Calvin Klein.  His father , Jacob Kainen, was the curator of Graphic Arts at the Smithsonian Institute and a driving force behind the DC art scene. 

Carol Kaufmann is a freelance writer and editor.  Her work has appeared in many prominent publications, including Reader’s Digest, The Washington Post, and National Geographic.  She has a sense for adventure. 

You can pick this book up at Amazon, BN.Com, Powell's and other fine booksellers. 



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