How To Make A Glitter Switch Plate – A Tutorial

How To Make Glitter Switch Plates - A Tutorial


I love all things that are sparkly or glittery.  I’m not sure why, but glitter and sparkle just calls to me like a beacon.  When I saw a switch plate that had rows of crystals on it, I thought to myself  “Couldn’t you do that with glitter?” 

You will need:

Switch plate
Mod Podge or other clear drying glue
Spray Sealer.  I used Krylon Triple Thick Clear. 

Glitter Switch Plate Supplies

Newspaper, or other protective surface covering
Brush for applying glue
Smaller paper, to save your glitter. 
Spray Box. 

How To Make a Glitter Switch plate:

Clean your switch plates really well.  I like to rub mine with alcohol to remove any kind of grease or residue.  Set aside to let dry. 

Glitter Switch Plate Tutorial

Coat your switch plates with glue.  Be sure to put on a thin, even coat. 

How to make a glitter switch plate

Place your switch plates on the smaller piece of paper.  Cover with glitter.  Shake excess glitter off switch plate and set aside.  Return glitter to container. 

Check your switch plate for any missed spots.  Apply glue and cover with glitter again.  Repeat until all spots are covered.  You can see where I didn't get the side of this covered with glue.

Glitter switch plate tutorial

Set aside and let dry completely. 

Once the switch plate is completely dry, spray with sealer, making sure to get the sides.  Set aside and let cure.  If it needs another coat after its dry, just spray it again. 

Helpful hint: You will want to use the spray sealer in a well ventilated area.  Use a spray box to help catch the overspray. 

Your Glitter Switch plate project is now complete.  Pretty easy, right? 

Total time: 1 day
Work time: 20 minutes

Investment Costs: About $20, including varnish, glitter, brush, and Mod Podge.  If you already have these items, your costs will be less.

Per piece cost: $0.45, depending on your glitter and switch plate.  I spent about $2 for the glitter and the switch plates came from Home Depot for about $0.15 each. 


  1. ANN*H says

    Oh the girls will love these for their rooms done in pink or purple. Shiny and sparkly to fancy their room wall up. thanks for the tutorial on them. Not real hard to do.

  2. Julie Wood says

    I would love to make a cute glitter plate for my bedroom and use a dark blue glitter! This is an easy craft idea that I did not even think about doing! I really like the look of glitter on my switch plate

  3. amanda whitley says

    i did something similar using these glitter squares that came with a mosaic kit my daughter got but i like this method since it is a more permanent solution. the sticky things have started falling off.


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