Fab Five: Fun Cars

Classic Volvo PV 544
I like quirky, fun cars.  I always have.  My friend had a late 1950’s Volvo when we were just beginning to drive, and I still want one to this day.
Fiat 500 Barbie Edition
I am seriously digging the new Fiats.  I want one of the Fiat 500s – and if I had my way, this one. 
Classic Volkswagen VW Bus
Classic ragtop VW bug
When I was a kid, we had a VW Bus & VW Bugs.  I would take either in a heartbeat, though I do like some of the more modern features these days!
2012 Ford Flex
Okay – here’s a current model, comfortable, and something I would drive.  A Ford Flex.  It looks a little like an old Woody, no? 
Of course, these would all be second cars.  Except the Ford Flex.  That could replace my somewhat boring sedan that I drive day to day. 
And a note from my mother "If I could, I would have a motorhome to go anywhere at any time.  But that is a Fab Five for another day." 
What would your dream car be?  Or what would you choose for a fun, second car? 


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