Crayon Rocks – Soy Crayons for Little Hands

Crayon Rocks soy wax crayons

Coloring is one of the great joys in life.  I’m not ashamed to admit it – I still love to color.  Let’s face it – there’s not a whole lot of things that are better than brand new crayons.  Crayon Rocks soy crayons are all kinds of fun. 

Crayon Rocks soy crayons are available in a myriad of colors.  While they don’t have the entire 96 color range of the big names, there are more than enough colors to make anyone happy.  Made with Soy wax, instead of petroleum, these are better for your kids and the environment.   The soybeans are grown in the USA, and the soy crayons are colored with mineral pigments.

Another feature I like is that these don’t have the paper wrapping.  I’ve always had sensory issues with construction paper and the paper that’s wrapped around  crayons is very similar.  I’m sure I can’t be the only person like that. 

Crayon Rocks soy wax based crayons

The soy Crayon Rocks had a rich color saturation and a smooth feel.  They didn’t drag at all when I was coloring.  I mean, I had to test them out, right?  I also think the shape of the crayon rocks would be comfortable for little hands to grasp.  They were a little clumsy for my hands, but I don’t think I’m the targeted end user.  😉  However, I think they’d be great for little ones, and even toddlers with some adult supervision.  They're even designed to prepare fingers and hands for handwriting! 

Crayon Rocks soy crayons are an affordable and adorable crayon option.  They’d make a great stocking stuffer, too!


  1. Jennifer Young says

    These are so cute!  My daughter is having a "rainbow" birthday party and these would be great to include in her gift bags for her friends too! :)

  2. Aura says

    I want crayon rocks for my 2 yo they're the perfect size and shape to fit in his hand and I don't have to worry when he sticks them in his mounth

  3. Audra Weathers says

    These are neat; I like the shape of them…probably wouldn't break so easily like the straight crayons if you stepped on them.

  4. Jenny Sims says

    These are so cute, look like they'd be easy for little hands to hold! I agree with others, they'd also be a fun, affordable option to include in goody bags.

  5. Rachael Henzman says

    I still love to color too, and I agree that the paper on traditional crayons is really annoying.  Thanks for the information :)

  6. Jennifer Nielsen says

    This is one of the best craft ideas ever! I mean, who doesn't have a bucket of broken crayons? But even more than their awesome design, they are made out of soy!!


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