Sea Turtles – Wordless Wednesday

I love sea turtles!  Really, any kind of turtles and tortoises.  These are sea turtles from Sea World in San Diego, CA.  Pics were taken on a family vacation. 

Sea turtles


Sea turtles


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    Turtles are majestic!! My grandma use to have a huge turtle that lived for over 100 years…he wasn't a sea creature…and he loved to hide inside my grandma's living room!!

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    I saw my typo after I submitted my comment of course! I meant we named the ALL…not that we named them al. That would be confusing if we named them all Al. How would they know which one we were talking about! LOL Anyway, great pics!

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    I had a bad experience with a turtle when I was little. We found a baby one outside and brought him inside the house. He sat on my lap and pee'd. I flipped out, and he went flying and ran away. No idea where he's at now…


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