Ghost Buddy – A Fun New Book Series for Kids

Ghost Buddy A Fun new book series for kids
Henry Winkler (the Fonz, of Happy Days fame), and Lin Oliver have been writing children’s books together for several years, and the Ghost Buddy Series is their latest endeavor. 
They are centered on the main character, eleven year old Billy Broccoli, and his adventures with The Hoove, Hoover Porterhouse III, whom he meets when moving into his new house. Billy’s mom has just remarried, and they have moved to a new house; Billy is awkward and without friends until he meets the ghost who originally inhabited his bedroom, The Hoove.  The Hoove is all the things Billy isn’t – funny, suave, a snappy dresser – and a ghost.  Together they overcome obstacles and Billy gets a little more self-confident.
In Ghost Buddy Zero to Hero, Billy moves to his now home in Los Angeles; it’s an old house in the middle of an orange grove.  That is where he meets The Hoove, and they quickly become friends (even though nobody else can see the ghost).   When an obnoxious neighborhood bully starts bothering Billy, The Hoove and Billy hatch a plan to get even.
In the second book, Ghost Buddy Mind If I Read Your Mind, Billy must perform a talent in front of the class.  He figures that because nobody can see his ghost friend, The Hoove can help him in a class demonstration of reading minds.  It goes over well, and Billy makes the team at school!  What he didn’t realize, though, was that he would have less time for his new best ghost-friend.  The Hoove feels neglected, and Billy may lose his new companion forever if he can figure out a way to make time for everything. Billy realizes what he’s done and makes amends with The Hoove in the end, but not before leading to the next story, Ghost Buddy Scaring the Pants Off Your Pets.
A few pages of the next edition of the Ghost Buddy books are included with each novel.  We’ll have to see what is in store for the adventures of Billy Broccoli and The Hoove in the future!
5.99 US 6.99 Canada
Scholastic Publishing
Approx. 160-170 pages


  1. Sherry Compton says

    These do look cute…They are a little too old for my grandson right now, but it is always interesting to "know" the author of a book from something else.  I am a librarian and will keep this in mind.  Thanks.

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