How To Stay Cool In The Summer Heat

How to stay cool in the summer heat

It has been unbearably hot this summer.  I know in my area, we’ve had record-breaking heat for 7 of the past 10 days, with no let up in sight.  After not having air conditioning for what seems like an eternity, I thought I would die.  Okay, it was only like 4 days, but they were miserable! 

Here are some great tips for how to stay cool this summer.

1. Stay hydrated!  That means water or a sports drink like PowerAde or Gatorade.  Don’t drink sugary or caffeinated drinks like soda or the frou frou coffee drinks.  Typically, you’ll want to drink at least 8 oz of water per hour. 

2. Wear sunscreen!  When I was a kid, I never bothered with sunscreen much.  Of course, I always paid for it with sun poisoning, bad sunburns, and being just generally miserable.  Isn’t it just best to prevent that?

3. Wear loose fitting, natural fiber clothing.  Cotton, linen, etc allows your body to breathe and cool down.  Light colors are also helpful. 

4. Never leave children, pets, or the elderly in cars!  ‘Nuff said, really.

How to stay cool in the summer heat

5. Limit outdoor activities to early mornings or evenings.  Even the hottest areas have cooler mornings and nights.

6. Take a cool shower.  It will cool your body down quickly.  Swimming is good too, but keep an eye on the sun!

7. Close your curtains, drapes, and blinds.  It will keep the warm rays out of your house.

8.  My personal favorite – eat cold foods.  Frozen fruit popsicles are a good thing. 

I hope these tips help you beat the heat this summer!  Stay cool my friends.


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