Easy Grammar Tips for Bloggers

Grammar tips for bloggers


Aren’t pet peeves the worst?  Usually, they’re something ridiculously small or stupid and they annoy the bejeezus out of you!  Dumb things like not sealing the zipper bag all the way.  Or closing the Tupperware lid all the way.  Leaving shoes in the doorway – that’s a good one, too!! 

My other major pet peeve category is spelling and grammar related.  Mainly, it’s people that use they wrong version of words like to/too/two and your/you’re.  I read a lot of blogs, and while the majority are well-written, there are some that could use some basic tips. 

Here are some quick grammar tips to file away –

To – A preposition or an adverb.  Preposition example: “We will be gone from 4:30 to 8 tonight.”  Adverb sample: “After he came to…”
Two – like the number 2, only spelled out.  Thankfully, most people have this down.
Too – Meaning also or in addition.   Example “Can Caleb come too?”

Your – possessive.  As in “That’s your suitcase.”
You’re – short for you are.  An example would be “You’re going to the mall?”

There – This can be a noun or a pronoun, as well as an adverb.  Used as a noun “We’re going to go over there.”  A pronoun “Is there a table I can use?” As an adverb “Did you see the sign over there?”
Their – possessive.  As in “That’s their suitcase.”
They’re – Short for they are.  An example is “They’re going to the mall.”

A few other tips: plural words don’t need an apostrophe before the s.  Two enters make a new paragraph.  And make sure to proofread.  Sometimes, I even read my posts out loud, so I can see what they really sound like. 

Of course, spell check is a great tool, but it doesn’t catch mistakes like using the wrong version of a word. 

What's your favorite grammar tip?


  1. Barb Garber says

    Kind of funny that you have a spelling error in this post. "Mainly, it’s people that use the wrong version of words"

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