Which Critters Give You the Heebie Jeebies #nablopomo


Green Anole Lizard

I have to admit, there aren’t a whole lot of animals that give me the heebie jeebies.     However, snakes are one of these animals. 

Having spent a big chunk of my life in the California desert, I am pretty used to Rattlesnakes and other various poisonous snakes.  Since basically all snakes there are poisonous, I really wanted absolutely nothing to do with them!  Unlike some people, I will not be posting a picture of snakes. 

One year, there was a severe shortage of Rattlesnake anti-venom.  This was in the early 2000s, if I recall correctly.  Anyway, there were all sorts of public service announcements stating that we should stay away from rattlers (well, duh!) and probably shouldn’t go hiking.  Ok, I can get behind that! 

Not to mention the various scorpions, spiders, tarantulas, and other various creepy crawlies. 

I also am not a huge fan of  grasshoppers and crickets.  I don’t like those mainly for the reasons that you never know where the buggers are gonna go! 

Oddly enough, I have no issue with lizards or other reptiles.  We’re cool with one another. 

What about you?  What kind of critters give you the heebie jeebies? 


  1. says

    Ha!  Sorry I freaked you out with my picture!!  I want to add that most reptiles give me the creeps!  I had forgotten about it, but I hate geckos!  They're so quick and icky and…ewww!

    • gretasday says

      HA! You didn’t really freak me out. Lizards don’t bother me much, but I spent many years in tropics where they’re pretty standard.

  2. says

    Scorpions!! I totally forgot my intense irrational (well, maybe not totally irrational) paralyzing fear of scorpions!!! Dude, they totally freak me out and they are just so darn sneaky. My parents friends built a log cabin out in a pasture and we used to go visit all of the time. They had BAD scorpion infestations sometimes. The things would be on the ceiling!!! They weren't even very big so you couldn't see them until you were RIGHT BY THEM!! OMG, I think I feel one crawling on me now!!
    Sometimes I think maybe it would be better to be stung by one at least once so I would just know what it felt like…and not be so scared of the unknown.


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