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Enstroms Almond Toffee Review

I love candy and sweets.  If they ever decided to outlaw sugar, I would be in serious trouble.  I would totally become one of those people, hanging out in the sugar den, looking for my fix.  I’m not indiscriminate in my love of sugar though.  I like really good baked goods and quality candies. 

When I received a box from Enstrom’s Candies this week, I suspected I was in for quite a treat. And I was sooo right!  It took every ounce of my self control not to rip into the box in the car.  Somehow, I managed to control myself until I was able to get home.  That was like an hour, so you know how difficult that had to be! 

Enstroms dark chocolate toffee

Once  I got home, you can be dang sure that I ripped into the box!  It was a box of their World Famous Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee!!  This box was jam-packed full.  Overflowing a little, even.   The milk chocolate had melted a bit from being in the car, but that didn’t stop me.  The Enstrom’s toffee was very rich.  I could tell it was made from real sugar and butter, as well as premium quality almonds.  The chocolate was very good quality, too.  There was enough chocolate to compliment the toffee, but not so much that it overwhelmed the flavor. 

Can we talk about the size of the slabs of toffee for a minute?  There’s no skinny Minnie pieces here that look more like crumbs or dust.  Oh no.  These slabs are at least half an inch thick and about 4 or 5 inches in length.  They’re HUGE!!  They also have whole almonds in them instead of slivers.  Whole nuts are a much more expensive ingredient. 

Enstrom’s Candies would make a great gift for anyone in your life.  Especially that hard to shop for dad! 



  1. lisa lo says

    I remember this toffee from when I was a child.  I had a tin box with puppies on it full of the toffee inside.  Seems like yesterday.


    Mmmmm words like gourmet and chocolate and RICH have my mouth watering! The pics alone have me coveting this treat and the review just intensifies that!

  3. librarypat says

    I don't know how you managed to wait an hour.  I certainly wouldn't have been able to.  We had a small local bakery/coffee shop in the town where my daughter lives that made the best toffee.  Every time we visited her, I would get some.  Unfortunately about 3 years ago or so, they stopped making it.  New baker or something.  I have really missed it.  This looks and sounds very much like what they had.  I will be putting Enstrom's Candies on my list of things  to try. 

    • gretasday says

      Ahhh…I love small bakeries! We only have one or two in the area I live in. I was able to wait the hour because I couldn’t get the box open!

  4. Sue Hull says

    I love toffee and chocolate especially together.You made my mouth water.Lol! Their candy looks so scrumptious and delectiable! Great review!

  5. Lorayne Gothard says

    My grandfather would make peanut brittle when I was younger and this reminds me so much of that. It is a great candy to eat.

  6. Seyma Shabbir says

    I love toffee.  And to mix with choco make it more amazing. Your review is making my mouth water.  I am happy they are big pieces!

  7. Jennifer Hiles says

    I just realized while reading the review that I'm not sure I've ever had toffee before. Crazy, right? Never too late to start though!

  8. says

    These sound dangerous LOL  I have been on a no dessert diet lately trying to lose weight…but I'd probably take a break for these!

  9. Deborah Hogue says

    I love toffee candy so I am certain that I would love this toffeee as well if not moreso. I love that the toffee is thick and not light on the almonds. I also like that they add just enough chocolate  to compliment the toffee without it overbearing the taste of the toffee. This candy looks good enough to give as a gift for any occassion or just for breaking it up into the family candy dish. If I had this toffee, I could guarantee that it wouldn't last long because, though i'm not a big candy eater, toffee is one of my weakness/


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