How To Get Rid of Hiccups #nablopomo

How to stop hiccups


I’ve always had chronic hiccups.  It started when my mom was pregnant and has basically never stopped.  When I was in grades 3and 4, I had hiccups everyday for about 18 months.  That suuuucckkkkedddd…although I do believe it helped me to develop strong core muscles. 

Through all of this, people have always offered suggestions or their own special remedies.  Drink a whole glass of water without taking a breath.  Hold your breath for 30 seconds.  Stand on your head.  Run around backwards in a circle three times. 

Or, my absolute favorite.  Jump out and scare the ever-loving stuffins out of ya.  Heck, they don’t even have to jump out.  I tend to be one of those kind of people that gets involved in what I’m doing and blocks out the stuff going on around me.  Some people realize that *cough*my mom*cough* and use that to their advantage. 

If she notices me hiccupping, she’ll wait until I’m not paying attention and come up and scare me.  It makes me shriek, but that does not cure the hiccups. 

Here are a couple things that actually do work.  Well, they work for me at least. 

1. Ride it out.  Mine either last for hours or just a few minutes.  If they don’t subside after about 10 minutes, I go on to another remedy. 

2. Drink a glass of water upside down.  Just bend forward at the waist and drink.  It’s easier to do than it sounds.  This opens the epiglottis and relaxes your diaphragm. 

3. Deep breathing.  This relaxes your diaphragm, too., which stops the spasming. 

What are your favorite methods of getting rid of hiccups.


  1. Sylvia Ortiz says

    My usual cure of hiccups is drinking a full glass of water without stopping till you've swallowed the entire contents.

  2. Barbara Karts says

    I have cursed hiccups as in if I get them once during a day I know I will get them intermittently throughout the REST OF THE DAY. So far the only cure I’ve found is to hold my breath and swallow several times. It’s really tough and it focuses me away from the hiccups enough that usually I only have to do it once, rarely twice. 

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