Break Out of the Blogging Rut

Break out of the blogging rut


How do you start a blog post?   Do you want the easy way to do it or the hard way? 

The easy way is to say “write about whatever you want.”  Welll…we all know that that doesn’t always work.  Personally, I’ve been in one of those ruts lately.  I’ve had very little motivation and it really shows.  I’ve just been busy with real life.  Yes, bloggers  have a real life, too! 

I try to keep a list of topics that I’d like to write about, specifically for these times.  When I get stuck, I like to reference this list and try to get a couple posts up anyway.  These are generally fun posts like the Patriotic Quotes or Feather Earrings tutorial. 

Sometimes, though, even those end up taking an hour or more.  I’ll tell you a secret – for the 4th of July quotes, I tried 4 or 5 different backgrounds before I decided on that one.  It’s not my favorite of the ones I tried, but it’s the one that ended up looking the best. 

Where do I find these topics?  Everywhere.  I make a list of them that I can refer back to.  I try to get to the ones that are seasonal first.  Of course, that doesn’t always happen.  I mean, I have quite a few Mother’s Day posts to do on my list.  And I have several Christmas posts that are half done. 

Some suggested topics:

  • Your pets
  • Your kids
  • A hobby
  • A sport you love
  • A recipe you like
  • A recipe you’re trying out
  • Some pictures – they can be anything
  • How you’d like to decorate your house
  • Fashion you like
  • A vacation you’d like to go on
  • A book you read

I hope this helps you get out of your blogging rut!


  1. Rachel Rodman-Kunkler says

    These are some good ideas.  I myself have been having some problems writing lately.  When I was pregnant I always had something to write about… how miserable I was!  Now that I have had my son I either can't think about anything interesting to write about or just plain don't have the time.

  2. Lisabeth says

    I also keep a huge list of topics to blog about. But I sometimes get to feeling like I'm…teathered to the list. And then I find myself in another rut. So I just start blogging about random stuff. Like my mango smoothie post. Haha. /but I like the idea of an all picture post. I'm going to spend some time playing around with one of those. Thanks!!

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