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Mod straps camera accessories
As an active blogger, I take my camera with me everywhere. And I mean everywhere. You never know when you’re going to come across something either really wonderful, like newborn colts, or really bizarre.  Sometimes, you even have to photo blog doing something for sponsors. 
When your camera becomes another accessory, you want it to look good. Mod Straps makes really fun camera accessories like camera straps and bags. Whether you have a fancy DSLR that you use for photo shoots or a compact point and shoot that you bring along, you can really express your personality. 
Mod recently sent me a camera strap and bag for my point and shoot camera. They sent me a compact camera pouch and strap in Crimson Victorian.  I had recently purchased a new camera that was supposed to be red, so this was perfect! 
mod straps camera accessories for DLSR and Point and clicks
The fabric is a rich taffeta flocked with Florentine designs in black. The pouch was lined in super-soft black minky fabric, as well. The lining does two things. First, it creates a soft layer against your camera, so that it doesn’t get scratched up and damaged.  Second, it creates padding around the camera for added cushioning. 
The strap was sewn very well, as was the pouch. Very well. Straight seams, finished edges, etc. The pouch had a grosgrain ribbon drawstring and a fantastic woven branding label that isn’t obnoxious.  The only thing that I thought was weird was that part of the pouch was top-stitched with white thread. Especially on a dark red and black item.  Most people probably wouldn’t even notice. 
You can buy Mod Straps in local stores all over the world or direct from their site.   Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter, too.


  1. jenn says

    I absolutely love these, and now that I have a nice camera I need to get one. I just saw the bags… those are cute too


    Ohhhhh if I got something for me and my little compact digitial camera I'd want the Crimson VIctorian bag you featured, pink and black are my favorite color combo and is very girly girly which I loveeeee.
    On your giveaway I am hoping sooooo much to win not for myself (as much as I'd like to tee hee) but for my 20 yr old daughter Michae'la Shanal who is a passionate hobbyist with a very amazing big camera she takes everywhere, she is also quite the little fashionista so she would be really happy to get to dress up her awesome camera with cool and pretty fashionable mod strap accessories. Thanks for the review and thanks for the giveaway too. I especially love pictures in the review as I am such a visual person. : )

  3. Laura Lynch says

    i had no idea they also had the compact camera accessories, they look like such fine quality!

  4. says

    I have been wanting to get a strap for my dSLR camera. These straps look great. The material is fun. Thank you for the review. I hope I win!

  5. librarypat says

    I like this idea for a camera bag.  I always feel like such a tourist with the camera around my neck and our camera bag is so big.  These are the perfect solution.

  6. desiree says

    wow that great size and then i like the color  and would and could use this  i do not carrry  purse

  7. Lisa S. says

    For the longest time all camera gear, bags, straps & lens holders, were just black. Who thought of that?! You're supposed to keep it out of the heat & doesn't black attract heat or even keep it in?! Oh well at least we have companies like these that are cool & have wonderful new patterns & fabrics for us! I know how it is to keep your camera with you for those out of the ordinary shots; I got a cow giving birth to it's calf once because I had mine with me! Awesome!

  8. Toni Allen says

  9. Sue Hull says

    I've been seeing these really cool Mod Straps everywhere and I've been entering lots of giveaways trying to win one. I'd like to get one for my daughter and sister.These are so much prettier than the ugly black ones that come on the camera. Thanks for the review!

  10. kimbuckjr says

    There are so many camera straps out there it's hard to pick what one to purchase.  After reading your review…I'm about 99% convinced to purchase a MOD strap.  
    Thank you for your insight.

  11. Crystal Guidroz says

    These  are such a cute way to dress up the boring everyday old camera! If a camera even comes with a strap or bag it usually run of the mill black and the stores don't offer much of a better selection. These are such a cute way to personalize your camera!

  12. carol roberts says

    i like the straps very colorful and quite handy espically when a 6rd is around bless his heart

  13. Debbie Petch says

    This is such a great idea!  It would give me peace of mind because I am always dropping my precious camera.

  14. Sylvia Ortiz says

    These sure are a lot nicer and fashionable to carry your camera in compared to the old black "outdated" camera bag I am currently using.


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