Take Care of Your Skin with Suuthe Skincare

If you’ve read my blog at all, you already know I’m a fair-skinned gal. Very fair. As I say to people “I’m a pale.” I also like to be outside, and I know when it’s been too long, as I turn lobstery.   Tan? Ohhhh….you mean freckles. Yep. I’m ‘tan.’
With fair skin also comes sensitivity. The sensitivity is not only to the sun, but to environmental factors. Soaps, chemicals, cleaners, some lotions, perfumes, even fabrics can cause problems for me.   However, I live for lotions, potions, cosmetics, and makeup. That’s part of the reason I was so glad to find Suuthe by Mari.
Suuthe is a great line of skincare items that are all natural. Not only that, they are designed especially for healing and repairing your damaged skin. Mari created this line to help soothe her baby’s delicate skin from eczema. It not only works for delicate baby skin, but us grown folk, too! 
With all natural ingredients like emu oil, unrefined Shea butter and beeswax, and organic olive oil, this is so pure you can eat it!  Of course, that’s important because your skin is your largest organ and anything you put on it is absorbed by your body. Factor in Suuthe’s proprietary blend of lavender, lemon, and chamomile essential oils, which adds an amazing scent. 
I used the Skin Repair balm on my severely dry elbows. My elbows were itchy, a little scaly, and crazy dry. After a couple days, they weren’t scaly or dry at all.   And the itchiness? Totally gone! I also swapped out my normal lip balm for the Suuthe by Mari lip balm. My lips felt much more kissable and soft. Of course, no one was around to test my theory. 
Suuthe isn’t just for dry skin, though. Other skin conditions that Suuthe, well, soothes include:
Diaper Rash
Scars + Stretch marks
Aging Skin
Scrapes + Cuts, as well as Bumps + Bruises
Sunburn + Sun Damage
…and lots more.
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  1. says

    Thanks very much for introducing me to suuthe!  I have Rosacea and very sensitive skin so it's often hard to find products that work for me.

  2. says

    I am super big natural ingredients and only use natural skin care products, Suuthe sounds like a great line, one that I would love to try!

  3. Devona Fryer says

    I am very fair skinned with freckles too! I used to hate my skin, but now that I'm older I love all the variations of the freckles. I think they are cute! This product line looks great for someone like me. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  4. Alexie says

    Not so familiar with this particular brand but then it always makes sense to know new things since it adds on to your knowledge. The product might be great but then I need to conform it with my dermatologist first since I have a very sensitive skin. 

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