Synthetic Down Pillows from Maggies Direct


A few months back, I stayed at a really amazing boutique hotel.  They had fantastic linens, feather beds, big poofy duvets, and a selection of pillows to choose from.  Ever since then, I’ve been working on transforming my own bed into that same type of Shangri-La. 
I invested in some great sheets.  By pure happenstance, I acquired a big poofy duvet.  I already had a matelasse bedspread.  Really, all I was missing was some new pillows.  While cruising pillows at the local department stores and waiting for them to go on sale, I had almost decided which pillows I wanted. 
It was during this time that I was contacted by Maggie’s Direct.  Maggie’s Direct is a company that sells all sorts of really wonderful items, most of them being goods for the home.  They wanted to offer me the opportunity to review some of their luxe bedding items. 
Uhhh…are you in my head or something?    GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!  Let me think about it…OK! 
Since I wasn’t exactly sure how their pillows were, I ordered one of each kind of pillow – soft, medium, and firm in the synthetic fill.  Somehow, I ended up with standard bed pillows in the medium and firm, but a giant square Euro pillow in the soft fill.  I’m sure that was probably my error, as I did these in two separate orders. 
The soft fill is very soft, almost a little too soft for sleeping.  Well, for me at least.  I used to have a down-filled sofa that you just sank into.  This pillow reminded me of that sofa.  Besides that, it’s like 20×20 inches.  Way too big for my bed!
Next we have the firm fill.  That one’s too hard!  I like squishy pillows and this one keeps its shape too well. 
Now for the medium fill.  This one is pretty good.  Squishy, but returns to the original shape.  I added one of my old down pillows on top of it and it’s just right for this Goldilocks. 
One of the great things about these Maggie’s Direct pillows are that their fill is a hypoallergenic down-like material.  The fill and the covering are certified to be free of all harmful chemicals.  OH!  And the pillows are made in the US.  They’re made in Maine in fact.  The pillows are priced competitively with pillows in higher end department stores, but I think that these are nicer.  The covering seems thicker and more sturdy.  

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