Spice Up the Night with Lust Cosmetics

This review of Lust Cosmetics is a grown folks post.  While there's nothing in here that's particularly objectionable, it may be considered a bit risque.  Some readers may not like it. 

If that's you, just skip this post.  I won't be offended, and I don't want you to be either.  Cool? 

How Was Your Day Mother's Day Gift Guide

Lust Cosmetics make sexy time more fun.  With their assortment of lotions and potions, you can bring some

Lust Cosmetics Edible Massage Oils

Lust Cosmetics'  Lust for Love edible massage oils are first.  I received a bottle of Hot Caramel Craving and one of Creamsicle.  I have to admit – these taste really, really good.  Sort of like honey.  The pump bottle is very handy for using the massage oils.  Just massage the oils on your partner.  Blow on them a little, and ooh la la!  It adds another dimension of pleasure.  The massage oils are also available in Wanton Watermelon and Cherried Treasure, as well as Extra Virgin, which is unflavored.

Lust Cosmetics Lady Lust Assortment

Liquid Lust Arousal Mist and Lust For Double O are great if you need to get your motor revving.   While the Liquid Lust is a spray, Lust For Double O is a creamy balm.  Both are designed to help enhance your optimal pleasure.  The best part is that you can use these products alone or with your partner.  

I also thought the packaging was pretty great.  It was pretty tasteful and not tawdry at all.  And I love the fact that Lust Cosmetics are Made in Canada.  That's almost as good as Made in the USA, right?  Hey, if you're Canadian, it might be even better to you. 

And really, who couldn’t use some spice in the boudoir, right? 



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