Skindulgence Facelift In A Box Review

I was excited when I received the Skindulgence 30 Minute Non Surgical Face Lift for review! Just the name implies satisfaction!

“The unique blend of botanical extracts gives the Skindulgence® 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift System both its viscous and lifting properties. There are many ingredients that work synergistically to produce the youthful, radiant look that Skindulgence® provides. The Cleanser helps bring the humectants to the surface of the skin, and the Masque adheres to those humectants. The Masque ingredients then work together to create an isometric pressure between the skin and facial muscles as the skin tries to slough off the Masque, literally giving your facial muscles an exercise workout. The Moisturizer deeply rehydrates the skin, creating a supple, healthy look and feel to the face. The Skindulgence® 3-step system can help your skin feel firmer, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the color and tone of your complexion.”


My first impression was the pleasant scent, and smooth feel of the cleanser and lotions. Thereafter, I felt a satisfying tingle, and when all was said and done, I did indeed feel a smooth tightness. I look forward to continued results!


The Skindulgence® 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift System is often compared to an exercise program for your face. The skin on your face is one of a few areas where the nerve endings are actually attached to the skin. Much like isometric exercises of pressing two muscle groups against each other, the masque in the Skindulgence® 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift System hardens on your skin to provide the opposing surface for your facial muscles to ‘isometrically exercise’. When using the System on a regular basis, like exercising regularly, your facial muscles may continue to feel more toned. It can also make your face feel vibrant and absolutely beautiful, and the botanical ingredients help replenish your skin’s natural balance.


You can find The Skindulgence 30 Minute Non Surgical Facelift system on their website!

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