Make Recycling Easy with Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid has all kinds of products that make my life easier.  Storage totes? Check.  Plastic food storage?  Yup.  We even used to have one of those locking cabinets for our deck.  When they asked me if I’d like to check out their new Hidden Recycler, of course I said yes. 

The Hidden Recycler is a compact recycling system that fits under your counter, inside a cabinet.  It attaches to the cabinet door with hooks, or you can screw it in for a more permanent installation.  The fabric bag holds up to 36 12-oz cans.  You can even fit a plastic milk jug in it. 

How well does it work, though?  That’s the real question! 

I took it out of the box and went to install it.  The first thing I noticed is that there is some assembly required.  Not a big deal, I’m handy.   But there weren’t any directions.  It took a little looking and pondering.  Then it sort of made sense.  It was an A-HA! moment!

Once I got it together, I took it over to my cabinet.  It does not fit under my cabinet.  Of course, my house has what I have come to believe is a miniature version of a real kitchen.  The Hidden Recycler is about the size of a paper grocery bag, but is a plastic lined fabric bag in a frame with a lid.  The bag is totally detachable and machine washable, in case messes are made. 

The Hidden Recycler would be great for transporting your recyclable goods from the kitchen into the garage or wherever you keep your recycling bins.  


  1. Rachel Rodman-Kunkler says

    I am glad that it is machine washable since I have a MESSY HUSBAND.  Love the comment about your miniature version of a real kitchen, haha.

  2. kelsey house says

    Cute idea! I dont know if i would be able ot assemble it with out directions haha im not handy at all!

  3. Jeanna says

    I am big into recycling & we always have a pile sitting on the counter that needs to go outside, so it would be awesome to have this right in your cabinet!

  4. says

    I also like Rubbermaid and have used them for years.  This would be great for our cans and bottles that we return to the redemption center.  


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