5 Mistakes Bloggers Make

I have to admit – I had never really thought about doing a blog post about reasons why people leave your blog until I came across this list from JadeLouise Designs.  Here are five more mistakes bloggers make. 

1.)  Font! White text on black. That is so hard to read, it’s not even funny. Black on dark colors is bad, too. Do you want to read 200+ word of this?  I will add really small or really huge font. Any oddball font.


2.)  Poor writing and grammar. I’m a bit of a grammar cop, so this happens to be a pet peeve for me. And I don’t mean formal wiritng vs conversational or typos. Poor sentence structure. Bad spelling. Wrong words i.e. there vs their vs they’re.

3.)  Negativity. Such a huge turnoff! The occasional, needing to vent post is great, as no one can be sunshine and bunny rabbits all the time. But, if your blog is filled with negativity and gloom, it’s a real downer. I generally want an escape when I’m reading blogs, and to catch up with my “friends.”

Rainbow Glitter

4.) Too much stuff that moves. Scrolling bars. Something that slides across the page. Glittery, sparkly graphics. ARRGGGHHHH!!!

5.) Autoplay music or video. I usually open a bunch of windows at once and then have to figure out where it’s coming from. It also makes it difficult to surf at work. Shhhh….

How about you? What are your pet peeves for blogs?


  1. says

    I absolutely agree with all of those! The pet peeve I agree with the most is the grammar one! I get so tired of seeing bloggers using their and there incorrectly, or your and you're! It makes me cringe everytime I see those words used in the wrong context! 
    My personal pet peeve when  it comes to reading blogs is not using paragraphs. I see one very long paragraph and that makes it difficult to read. That one paragraph is talking about several different subjects! It would make it much easier to read if it was broken up into several different paragraphs.

  2. Rebecca Parsons says

    I agree with you about being a grammar police.  Sometimes I can't help but point it out to bloggers if it is extremely bad.

  3. ANN*H says

    I agree with the background and text colors. Some are so hard to see or read. We dont all have young healthy eyes. I can deal with some bad spelling errors as I do that sometimes when Im tired and hit the enter key before I re-read it all again before sending.


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