The Obamas – A Book Review

In reading The Obamas, by Jodi Kantor, I enjoyed the book.  Ms Kantor covered the Obama campaign for the New York Times in 2008.  She then became the Washington correspondent and has continued to cover the White House.  She understands the demands of the presidency, yet also understands those little moments that occur between husband and wife. Gestures. Looks that convey more than words ever could.  A quote from the book that I found particularly apropos –

"In the nearly three years in the White House, the Obamas had changed positions with one another. After all Michelle's protests about politics…she was going to emerge from the presidency stronger and more at peace, aides predicted. For the rest of his term, for the rest of his life, the president was going to have to live with what he accomplished and what he did not. She had entered with her own expectations low and then exceeded them; he had entered on top of the world, and had been descending to earth ever since."

The book tells about how the Obamas did not realize that their life, as they knew it, was gone.  No matter how they had planed to try to have a normal family life, the Presidency would take its toll on their lifestyle, marriage, and friendships, and every other aspect of living.

Kantor also understands that, in today’s world, women are supposed to be strong in their own right, but we expect our First Ladies to take a back seat.  Michelle Obama had to come to terms with this during the first months in office, but found the balance between her own needs and those of the country.  For his part, the book shows Barrack Obama as a President who loses his connection with the American people; his wife is the person to bring him back to them. 


The Obamas by Jodi Kantor

Pubvlshed by Hachette Books

$29.99 US/$32.99 Canada


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