SinuSense by Waterpik – A New Way to Deal with Allergies

Waterpik, the brand we all know and love, has come out with a new sinus washing system called SinuSense.  I was given the opportunity to take it for a test drive. 

SinuSense is similar to a Neti pot, in the fact that it rinses your sinuses with warm water to flush out the sinus cavity.  It’s supposed to rinse out the allergens,  like pollen, dust, and smoke as well as thick mucous.  SinuSense is different, though, as it’s battery operated and has a gentle pulsating flow.  You can also control the flow of the water, with the trigger rather than by trial and error. 

Hmmm…sounds interesting.  We’re hardcore allergy sufferers here, and with the early Spring/lack of winter, they’re in full effect.  I’d much rather have a natural solution than be dependent upon allergy pills. 

The first time I tried the SunuSense by Waterpik, I must have done something wrong!  Rather than the water coming out my opposite nostril, it went down my throat.  You know when you jump into the pool and get waterlogged?  Yeah, that’s what it felt like.  I’d never used a Neti pot either, so I’m sure it was user error. 

I decided to try it again the next day.  This experience was much better.  It was still a bit strange to have warm water flowing through my sinuses, but I think that’s something that you would get used to.  My sinuses were very clear, and I felt like I was breathing deeper. 

I did like the nozzle, as it was silicone or something, and formed a nice seal.  I also liked the ability to control the water flow with the trigger.  I'm not sure I'd use it every day.  Maybe once a week. 

SinuSense retails for $34.99.  Waterpik is currently offering a $5 off coupon, too. 


I received a SinuSense for review purposes only.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Maggie @ Tethered Mommy says

    Glad to see your review of this!  I have never gotten the hang of the neti pot but this sounds much easier.

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