Am I Eco Friendly?

A couple weeks ago, someone asked me if my blog had a green slant. I answered “no, not really.” Because, well, it doesn’t. I pondered it for awhile and thought “I guess I’m not that eco friendly.” And moved on. 
Over the weekend, as I was at the natural foods store, buying bulk foods and putting them in my bags I brought from home, I just started laughing. How many people are buying $8/lb organic rice to go with a review item? 
As I thought about it more, I kept coming up with other things I do in my life and don’t even think about. I buy local. I support small business when I can. I go to the farmer’s market. The grocery store I go to is a family-owned chain of 4 locations in town – it’s not any more expensive, and sometimes their sales are awesome! I love vintage and old furniture and often buy a battered piece to re-do. I garden and grow some of my own veggies. 
You’d never know these things about me, though, unless you know me. For some reason, I’ve never thought about blogging any of these things. I believe that part of that is because I grew up this way. My parents were part of the back to the land movement in the 1970s. They’re the hippies, you might say. My mom might be the freest of spirits.  Heck, my parents built their own earth-sheltered house.  And I mean they built it.
I will freely admit, too, that there are places I could improve. I don’t recycle much. Yes, I just heard that collective gasp. Unfortunately, the town I live is backwards. They scrapped the recycling plan because the trash going into the landfill was being reduced. Yeah…it all came down to money for them, and apparently didn’t factor in what they could make from selling the recyclables. I love a long, hot shower. And air conditioning.
So, I guess I am kind of eco friendly.


  1. says

    LOL  That's awesome!  I totally did this when I was called "crunchy" and was like no way but lo and behold I"m embracing it as it is who I am these days…

  2. Jennifer Hiles says

    My town did the same thing with the recycling. Now I have to drive way out of the way to recycle which probably defeats the purpose.


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