Protein Bakery – Brownies and Cookies that are Good For You

When I first heard about Protein Bakery, I have to admit – I was a little leery.  I knew they had gourmet cookies and brownies?  Cool, I can definitely get behind that!  With added protein?  Um…okay.  That are good for you?  Hmmm…I’m not so sure about this.

 It turns out I was so wrong!  Soo very wrong.  Protein Bakery’s items are delicious.  They are gourmet cookies and brownies – similar to the ones you get at a high-end bakery.  The use real, pure ingredients, too – like butter, sugar, eggs, and real chocolate.  You won’t find any of the fillers like corn syrup or hydrogenated oils in Protein Bakery’s items.  They add protein to every batch of baked goods, as it helps you feel full faster and prevents blood sugar spikes.  Protein Bakery never uses wheat flour, either.  I’m not gluten-sensitive, but I know a lot of people are. 

I received a wide assortment of items – brownies, blondies, cookie 2-packs, and giant cookies.  The brownies were fantastic, as were the blondies! I’m a major cake/brownie/bar cookie person, so I was quite delighted by this fact.   And the brownies are huge – we easily shared one, as they were very satisfying, due to the use of the real ingredients.  My favorite was either the Peanut Butter brownie or the White Chocolate Blondie. 

 We thought that the cookies were good, too.  We did think that the Colossal Trail Mix cookie was a little dry.  I believe it’s partly because of the ingredients (trail mix, duh!) and the fact that it was among the last of the treats that we sampled.  By that time, we’d had the box for well over a week and hadn’t made any attempt to store the goodies.  However, the Chocolate Cherry Colossal Cookie was delightful.  I’m a huge fan of the combination of chocolate and cherry and this did not disappoint.  The chocolate had a rich and deep flavor and the dried cherries were large and moist. 

 Protein Bakery items can last quite a long time, when proper care is taken.  Even though there are no artificial preservatives,  their items have a 3 week shelf life!  If you put them in the freezer, they can last for up to three months. 

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I received no compensation for this review.  I did receive sample product for review purposes only.  All opinions are mine. 


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