Gift Aid Envelope Donations Count Twice

An accepted part of every church service is the passing of the plate for donations. The occasional visitor may pull a few pounds out of his pocket, but that is not the practice of the regular parishioners. Church members employ a more private and confidential system by using Gift Aid Envelopes that are sealed with the church’s name pre-printed on the outside. There are even a few declaration lines on the outside that the donor can fill in that helps the church keep track of the charitable receipts. When the giver takes the time to fill in the requested information on the outside, the results are an additional gift for the church.

Not everyone is aware of the added value that gift aid cards provide to the church. In April 2000 the UK Government approved the Gift Aid Scheme that allows churches to acquire back any taxable portion of any gift given by UK tax payers. In fact, these tax refunds get even richer depending on the total amount of the tax back to be received by the churches. For ever £10.0 in taxes to be recouped, the Inland Revenue will add 28% for a total refund of £12.8.

What a marvellous process the Gift Aid Scheme has turned out to be. Just reflect for a moment on how grand the system can be. A generous person donates using Gift Aid and the church benefits. The church then applies for the tax back refund and that amount is increased by Inland Revenue which will also benefit the church. One donation has the double advantage for doing well. A one off donation can also provide a double advantage if a Gift Aid card is used. Churches have placed loose envelopes around the entrances and in pews for last minute contributions.

The same Gift Aid Scheme of tax back revenues works for donations given to charitable organisations. The most important part for all donations received by charities is to have the date and
amount annotated on the outside for tracking details. Gift aid contributions are the life blood of both religious and charitable funds and come from the heart beat of the donors.

Gift aid envelopes are used by all non-profit organisations. The money holders are made in a variety of sizes and colours that denote and support a variety of fund raising projects. Each group
that relies on Gift Aid holders will establish their own colour scheme to address different missions such as assistance for the poor, food and shelter for the homeless, building repairs or new building construction.

Regardless of the colour on the outside of a monetary folder, it is the amount of potential goodwill that the colour of the inside gift can do to help enrich the lives of so many people. Having a package of plain envelopes on hand is the easiest way to make a donation when the mood strikes; all the person needs to do is apply the contribution information on the outside, post it in a larger holder and this good deed will brighten everyone’s day.

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