One Hundred and One Nights – A Book Review

It isn’t very often, after reading a novel, that I want to know more about the person who wrote the story. In this case, I’m not sure which was more interesting – the book or the author. In writing this review, I snooped around the internet for a little background info on Ben Buchholz, the author of the book, One Hundred and One Nights. He was schooled to be a Foreign Affairs Officer, which brought him and his family to Oman in the Middle East.

One Hundred and One Nights was conceived while Buchholz was stationed in Iraq as an Officer with the Wisconsin National Guard. He had witnessed a horrific act – one of the US supply trucks had run over a little girl – and this was the catalyst for the book.

One Hundred and One Nights is the story of an American trained Iraqi doctor, Abu Saheeh, who is now forced to sell mobile phones in a shack under a bridge. While he tries to rebuild his life, he befriends Layla, a 14 year old street urchin, who loves US culture like Britney Spears and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Saheed feels a paternal connection; these feelings change. He spends his life trying to forget the past, and memories presented in each chapter give you a glimpse of things to come, with quite a few unexpected turns. This book is told from the Iraqi perspective.

This is a good – no, great – read. Once read, it is one of those books, knowing how it ends, to be read again. I don’t want to give away the story (I was concerned about that in writing the review), but this is a book that will surprise you. Its characters will come to life in your dreams. Buchholz has well defined characters, a great plot, and has created a fantastic novel.

Buchholz also has an interesting blog:

Brittney Miranda Jewelry

Feathers and the Navajo style are so hot right now! It seems that any place you turn, people are wearing feathers! Feathers in their hair, feather earrings, feather prints on their clothes or accessories. They’re everywhere! These earrings from BrittneyMiranda are different though!

First, they’re a thoroughly modern take on the tribal trend. Not too Navajo, not too tribal. I can easily see a teen rocking these, yet I can still wear them to the office or while out and about in town. Second, I love the mixed metal colors. Antiqued copper and a great, brassy gold shade? Those shades almost make these earrings look vintage. Third – big, dangly chandelier-type earrings that are great attention-getters.

The quality of these earrings is fantastic, too. The findings are good quality and the feather charms are sturdy, large, cast charms, not the flimsy stamped charms that you see so often. The best part? BrittneyMiranda only charges $12 for these! Can you believe it? These are the kind of earrings that you’d find at Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie, at about 5 times the price.

I received an item for review. I did not receive any compensation, nor was I required to write a positive review.

3 Custom Color Specialists Cosmetics – Review

3 Custom Color Specialists cosmetics is a fantastic makeup line. Created by makeup artists for makeup artists, this is a high end line. Scott, Trae, and Chad are the masterminds behind the line.

I received the Czarina Collection for review. I have to say I was immediately drawn to it when I saw it on the website, but was quite concerned about the vivid colors. There was no need for that! The Gilded eye shadow is a gorgeous, shimmery copper-bronze shade that’s pretty and flattering. Russian Blue is a great smoky blue shade. And the Ballet Russe lipstick? OMG! Amaze-balls! It’s like the best sheer red-pink lipstick shade ever. I totally understand why Allure loves it!

I wore this out and about one day, substituting the 3 Custom Color shadows for my normal BE items. They wore nicely and didn’t fade away. I also have really sensitive eyes and didn’t have any issues with eye irritation. That’s kind of major for me.

I was going to post a picture of the shades on me, but I left my camera in St Louis! D’OH! Ah well, I’ll have to see if someone there will email me my pics. Ha!

Before I chose the Czarina Collection, I asked about a million questions! Well, it was really three or four, but they answered them quickly and politely. Chad and Trae even helped give me color options and some different styling methods for their line! How awesome is that?

Now, to the packaging. If you know me, you know I think that packaging is a part of the presentation!  When I took my order out of the box, it was wrapped in sheets of handmade paper.  Um, swoon!  The 3 Custom Color Specialists line comes in the greatest compacts. The shadows came in a Gunmetal-Charcoal metal compact that had a super-clear mirror in it. The lipstick tube was the same color, sans the mirror. And the cool 3 Custom Color logo was embossed on the top. Very chic. 

Did I mention that 3 Custom Color also has a lipstick matching program? They do! We all have those favorite makeup shades that the company stops making. Well, 3C will color-match your favorite eye shadow, blush, or lipstick. They can even match your favorite foundation!