Tiny Prints for Valentines

I always loved Valentine’s Day at school.  It may be because there was no pressure and everyone got gifts.  Or it could be that I love to get mail.  I’m not totally sure which…Or maybe Valentine’s Day led to my love of getting mail?   Hmmm…

The store-bought $3 for a class pack of Valentine Cards weren’t for me, either.  No ma’am.  I wanted something special!  So, of course, the hunt was ON.


Unfortuantely, when I was a kid, there was no Tiny Prints. And there was a time I would have died, Rachel Zoe-like, to have those Snow White cards for my Valentines Day Greeting Cards. Of course, I’m not totally sure that time isn’t right now.

And if you’re a grown-up or having a party, wouldn’t these be great? My BFF’s birthday is around Valentine’s Day. This year we’re planning a Girl’s Getaway to Kansas City. These would have been the perfect invites! I’ll have to remember them for next year.

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Guest Post – Savory Meat Roll from Kids Are Grown

We’re kind of big into junk food here. Have you ever seen the movie Mermaids, where they only eat finger foods? Yeah…that’s us!

Melissa over at The Kids are Grown. Now What? has this recipe for a meat roll that looks kinda tasty. Her recipe is gluten free, too! We don’t eat meat, so I’d make it vegetarian. I think it would still be good and would work well for sporting event gatherings. You know, like big ones that happen on Sundays.


2 pkgs Chebe All Purpose Bread Mix, prepare dough according to package directions
1 roll breakfast sausage
1/2 onion, chopped
1/2 green pepper, chopped
1 clove garlic, crushed
3/4 8 oz pkg cream cheese, softened
1/2 C Parmesan
1 C grated mozzarella

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Free Valentines from VistaPrint

I love stationery. I just do. I order a lot of stuff from VistaPrint, as their quality is good and the prices are right.

Now, you can get 10 free notecards that can be turned into 30 Valentines for free! Use them for your kids class or send them to people you know! Just pay shipping and processing, which starts at $4.50

Baby Gourmet ~ Natural Organic Baby Food

What do you do when you want to make your own baby food, but don’t have time? Find out at mommarambles

From Maryland Momma’s Rambles –

Feeding the little man healthy nutritious foods has always been important to me. I’ve tried buying organic produce and making my own baby food for him, but honestly, as a busy working mom, I no longer have time for that.

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Craftsy Block of the Month Program – Free

Have you heard of Craftsy? It’s a combination online community/deal site, and it’s all crafty bits. Tutorials, forums, an online store, and more.

Welll…they’re doing a quilt block of the month – and it’s free. Each month, you get 2 different blocks to make, then you’ll spend the last two months putting your new quilt together. Sign up and check it out!

$100 and a ViSalus Balance Kit Give It Away

This event is sponsored by Drink Yourself Skinny an Independent Distributor of the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge. The 90 Day Challenge is not just a weight loss program it is a health and wellness program that can help you lose weight, tone up, or build muscle. Visalus offers those looking to become healthy the ability to refer 3 of their friends or family to the program and get their monthly kit for free. Plus everyone who joins the Challenge is eligible for the prizes, trips, and rewards offered by the company. Every 90 days new winners are chosen in several categories for the biggest overall transformation to win prizes like Hollywood Make-Overs and Tropical Cruises.


One of my missions for 2012 is to continue on my travels of health and getting back in shape. I feel like everyone can use a little help, whether it’s a program, a support group, or pre-packaged foods or meal replacements.

The Balance program has 30 meal replacement shakes.

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